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Await defer in coffeescript without a special syntax
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Vanilla Await Defer

Here's my attempt at implementing the await and defer features, without modifying the language itself.


await (defer) ->
  getUserCredentials defer("loggedIn", "credentials")

, ({loggedIn, credentials}) ->
  # use the variables here

await (defer) ->
  # Get user credentials IN PARALLEL! (this is a nonsensical example, but it demonstrates paralellism
  getUserCredentials defer("userOneLoggedIn", "userOneCredentials")
  getUserCredentials defer("userTwoLoggedIn", "userTwoCredentials")

, ({userOneLoggedIn, userTwoLoggedIn, userOneCredentials, userTwoCredentials}) ->
  # We have all of the things we set!


a slightly shorter syntax, for the case where you only want to wait for one thing

awaitOne (d) -> getUserCredentials d(), (loggedIn, credentials) ->
  # use the variables here

Serial Await

In order to prevent indentation creep, you can use sawait, which will not start a second await until the first has finished

It returns an await function that will wait for the previously called await function before it goes await = sawait() for i in [0...10] and will take the result of the previous await as the first argument

for name in ["Zach", "Eugene", "Chad", "Brian"]
  sawait = serialAwait() 
  sawait (defer) -> 
    getIdFromName name defer("id")
  sawait ({id}, (defer) ->
    getUserImageFromId id, defer "userImage"
    getUserPostCountFromId id, defer "postCount"
  , ({userImage, postCount, id}) ->
    console.log(name + "with id " + id + " looks like " + 
                userImage + "and has posted" + postCount + "times")

Run the tests

npm install mocha should
mocha test/


MIT (see LICENSE.txt)

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