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X.commerce Integration Pack for Magento (


The X.commerce Integration Pack for Magento is a package for Magento developers who are interested in developing X.commerce Fabric enabled extensions. The code in the Integration Pack was used internally to develop the "Sell on eBay" extension that is currently available on Magento Connect. Developers can use the X.commerce Integration Pack to develop their own extensions. The Integration Pack delivers reusable library code that encapsulates common tasks such as sending and receiving messages from Fabric, mapping data between X.commerce Open Commerce Language and Magento formats.

Contents of the X.commerce Integration Pack

The Integration Pack contains three extensions as described below:

X.commerce Fabric Integration for Magento - Facilitates onboarding and communication between Magento instances and X.commerce.

X.commerce Data Integration for Magento - Maps data between Magento instances and X.commerce Open Commerce Language standards.

X.commerce Data Mapping for Magento - Maps merchant defined product taxonomy within Magento instances to X.commerce product taxonomy.

Important: Please read before using the Integration Pack

Please note that the X.commerce Integration Pack for Magento is in active development and not fully productized. The code base currently has a "circular" dependency with the "Sell on eBay" extension, which is meant to be the client of this package. This dependency will be removed in the next version of the Integration Pack. Future versions of the Integration Pack will have a reusable library that will simplify the coding tasks of integrating with the Fabric.

We've made the Integration Pack available so that Magento extension developers can have early access to the product. The contents of the Integration Pack include the Sell on eBay extension, which demonstrates how the Sell on eBay extension was integrated with the Fabric.

Please note that the contents of the Integration Pack are subject to change. In the alpha version, backward compatibility is not enabled.

Send Us Your Feedback

Please send comments, questions, and issues to productfeedback@x.com. The X.commerce Integration Pack Product Manger will contact you within 48 hours.