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Arduino Library

My Arduino Library consists of a set of libaries/classes I frequently use in my projects. Over time these library will grow and the single libraries may be enriched with additional funcitonality as required by my own projects.

Library Content


Class to handle hardware switches including debouncing on a configurable pin. The usage of the internal timer is protected against overrun.


Counter class for UPDOWN and CYCLING counting between defined bounderies. When a boundary is hit, a signal flag is set.


Timer class with with milli-second resolution. When the timer expires a configurable function is being called. The usage of the internal timer is protected against overrun.


Class to handle RGB LedStrips providing buffer handling and related primitives such as setRBG, setHSV, fill, copy, shift, rotate, mirror, filter supporting RGB and the HSV color model. As an example on how to use this class see here


1 Drop the libraries into the Adruino user libraries folder

2 Open the Arduino IDE

3 Play around with the provided example


Requires: Arduino IDE 1.0+