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Is a Arduino Sketch that drives a LED Strip with various color effects.

Selection of the effects and varying some parameters is done with a rotary encoder and two switches (I used a rotary encoder with a built in switch and a separate switch)


9 Effects + 1 Demo Mode (cycling through all effects)

Additional effects can be added quite easily and supported by led strip primitives such as fill, copy, shift, rotate, mirror, filter all based on a HSV color model.

Effect settings are stored in EEPROM after 10 seconds of the last change (Note changes to the application might require a reinitialization of the EEPROM which can be done by changing the EEPROM_MARKER constant (see LedStripShow.h).

Last selected effect is stored in EEPROM after 10 seconds

On start and effect selection last effect and settings are loaded


In order to compile this Sketch additional libraries have to be installed in the Arduino IDE:

  • TTimer (on Git Hub by me - link follows)
  • TSwitch (on Git Hub by me - link follows)
  • TCounter (on Git Hub by me - link follows)

and the two amazing useful libraries:


LedStripShow.ino (look for CONFIGURATION ITEMS)

  • Switch 1 (program selector) Default on PIN 4
  • Rotary Encoder Default on PIN 2 & 3
  • Switch 2 (optional/brightness) Default on PIN 5
  • Ledstrip WS2801 on Pin 7 & 11

LedStripShow.h (look for CONFIGURATION ITEMS)

  • Number of LEDS LED_COUNT 25
  • Number of effects EFFECT_COUNT 10 (including the demo)
  • Cycle Time (ms) CYCLE_TIME 30000
  • Wait before save (ms) WAIT_SAVE 10000


Sketch size: approx 12kByte

The sketch has been successfully tested on Arduino UNO and Arduino Mini Pro 5v/16Mhz from 25 until 160 LEDS