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@@ -33,19 +33,19 @@ To Do
Firmware Overview
* HW Platform: XR-USB-AUDIO-2.0-MC
-* DSP Threads:
+* DSP Threads
- eq_wrapper : 5-Band Equaliser processing 2 channels using peak EQ filters. Receives control commands to change EQ settings. Can send level metering data
- crossover : Using highshelf filter to suppress frequs above 500Hz, lowshelf filter to suppress freqs below 500Hz
-Note: crossover_proc produces 2 output channels (low and high freqs) from 1 input channel
+Note:: crossover_proc produces 2 output channels (low and high freqs) from 1 input channel
- delays : Using a delay buffer, delays audio of left channel by 5000 samples (0.1 seconds at 48kHz)
- eq_client : Periodically Changes Equaliser setup on the fly by switching between different Equaliser Presets.
-* Other Threads:
- - iis:
+* Other Threads
+ - iis
I2S interface to codec. up to 6 channels in, 8 channels out
See Audio Data Flow
- mswait: wait a number of milliseconds
- clkgen : generates PLL input clock
-* Audio Data Flow (per channel):
+* Audio Data Flow (per channel)
- iis thread
ouputs samples of NUM_IN stereo channels over NUM_IN streaming channels
inputs samples of NUM_OUT stereo channels over NUM_IN streaming channels
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ input samples over streaming channel(s)
process the stream on a per-sample basis
output samples over streaming channel(s).
* Input-Output latency: <= one sample period
-* Coefficient Generation:
+* Coefficient Generation
- All coefficients were created with
- The Makefile configurations can be found in in the source code next to the coefficients
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