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SPI Flash library
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Latest release:1.0.3beta0
Description:SPI Flash Libraries

SPI flash module (module_flash)


SPI Flash Library.

  • This is the development version of the flash library provided with the XMOS Development tools

Quad SPI flash module (module_quad_spi_flash)


Quad SPI flash library.

Key Features

  • Supports via API
    • read,
    • write,
    • erase,
    • access to status registers.
  • Runs as a library call, requiring no extra cores or timers.

  • Up to 23.8 MB/s read speed.

  • Includes application demonstrations


Full documentation can be found at:


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the manitainer for this line.

Required software (dependencies)

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