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LCD driver component

Latest release:1.1.2rc0
Description:Driver component and supporting modules for RGB565 LCDs

Key features

  • Standard component to support different LCD displays with RGB 565.
    • Different color depths 32 bpp, 16 bpp, etc. based on user configuration.
    • Resolution of up to 800 * 600 pixels. See table below for different screen configurations.
    • Outputs to a CMOS interface.
  • Standard components to support touch screen controller with I2C serial interface
    • Supports 4-wire resistive touch screens of different sizes
    • Pen-down interrupt signal supported
    • Outputs touch coordinates with time information

Firmware overview

The LCD component is used to drive a single graphics LCD module up to 800 * 600 pixels with pixel clocks of up to 25MHz.

Known issues



Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the maintainer for this line.

Required software (dependencies)