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# The TARGET variable determines what target system the application is
# compiled for. It either refers to an XN file in the source directories
# or a valid argument for the --target option when compiling
# The APP_NAME variable determines the name of the final .xe file. It should
# not include the .xe postfix. If left blank the name will default to
# the project name
APP_NAME = app_sdram_regress
# The USED_MODULES variable lists other module used by the application.
USED_MODULES = module_sdram module_slicekit_support
# The flags passed to xcc when building the application
# You can also set the following to override flags for a particular language:
# If the variable XCC_MAP_FLAGS is set it overrides the flags passed to
# xcc for the final link (mapping) stage.
XCC_FLAGS_Debug = -g -O3 -Wcodes -Xmapper -Wcodes
XCC_FLAGS_Release = -g -O3 -Wcodes -Xmapper -Wcodes
# The VERBOSE variable, if set to 1, enables verbose output from the make system.
# The following part of the Makefile includes the common build infrastructure
# for compiling XMOS applications. You should not need to edit below here.
include $(XMOS_MAKE_PATH)/xcommon/module_xcommon/build/Makefile.common
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