AVB Software stack
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AVB Software Stack

Latest release:5.2.1rc1
Description:AVB software stack

Key Features

  • 1722 Talker and Listener (simultaneous) support
  • 1722 MAAP support for Talkers
  • 802.1Q MRP, MMRP, MVRP, SRP protocols
  • gPTP server and protocol
  • Audio interface for I2S and TDM
  • Media clock recovery and interface to PLL clock source
  • Support for 1722.1 AVDECC: ADP, AECP (AEM) and ACMP

Firmware Overview

This firmware is a reference endpoint implementation of Audio Video Bridging protocols for XMOS silicon. It includes a PTP time server to provide a stable wallclock reference and clock recovery to synchronise listener audio to talker audio codecs. The Stream Reservation Protocol is used to reserve bandwidth through 802.1 network infrastructure.

Known Issues


The HEAD of this repository is a work in progress. It may or may not compile from time to time, and modules, code and features may be incomplete. For a stable, supported release please see the reference designs section at www.xmos.com.

Required software (dependencies)