Serial to Ethernet Bridging Applications
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Serial to Ethernet bridging software

Latest release:2.1.0rc1
Description:Demo application to bridge serial devices to Ethernet
Version: 1.1.2rc0

Key Features

Demo application to bridge multiple serial devices to an Ethernet network.
  • Supports up to 8 UARTs at the following baud rates: 115200, 57600, 38400, 28800, 19200, 14400, 9600, 7200, 4800, 2400, 1200, 600, 300, 150
  • Web page for UART configuration
  • Telnet server functionality; supports data transfer via telnet sockets mapped to each of the multiple UARTs
  • Device discovery and IP configuration management using UDP

Required tools

xTIMEcomposer studio version 13.0.0 and later



This release of the firmware is supported on the following XMOS devices:
  • XS1-LXA-128 where X >= 8
Required sliceKIT units:
  • xCORE General Purpose (L-series) sliceKIT core board 1V2 (XP-SKC-L2)
  • Ethernet sliceCARD 1V1 (XA-SK-E100)
  • MultiUART sliceCARD (XA-SK-UART-8)

This package is supported by XMOS Ltd. Issues can be raised against the software at:

Required software (dependencies)