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Entry point for issues and wiki. Also contains some scripts and sources.

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Turnkey Open Source Virtualization Platform

XCP-ng: the user-friendly, high-performance virtualization solution, developed collaboratively for unrestricted features and open-source accessibility.

⚡️ Quick start

Download the ISO here, and install it on your own hardware.

📚 Documentation

The official documentation is available at

🚀 Features

  • Powerful virtualization platform: run, snapshot, live migrate & grow any kind of workload/Operating system on top of XCP-ng, even containers!
  • Turnkey: no complicated setup, XCP-ng is a true appliance with everything pre-configured and ready to run your VMs!
  • Security: based on the Xen hypervisor technology, XCP-ng is one of the most secure virtualization platform on the market, both technologically and with a really serious security workflow.
  • Manageable at scale: there's many integrated ways to manage your XCP-ng host, both locally and remotely with a CLI, GUI and API. Xen Orchestra is the de facto administration & backup platform for it.
  • Fully Open Source: no paywalls or complicated licenses, all the features are free
  • Pro supported: want to run in production? XCP-ng is part of the Vates VMS stack that got you covered from the virtualization platform to the administration & backup tools.

📸 Screenshots

🧑‍🚀 Community

XCP-ng has a living community that you can join on our forum.

The project is open to contributions, bug reports and you can also host a mirror for XCP-ng.