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@borzel borzel released this Apr 12, 2020


The official graphical client for XCP-ng is Xen Orchestra, which gets support from a team of several developers. On the other hand, XCP-ng Center is maintained by community members on their free time and hosted by the XCP-ng project.

Compatibility to Virtualisation Host

  • all XCP-ng releases up to 8.1
  • XenServer 7.0 or greater up to 8.1





#184 Bug memory tab with dynamic memory missing url

Known Issue

#20 No help files
xcp-ng/xcp#135 Probing a NFSv4 or NFSv4.1 SR does not detect the supported protocol version correctly (at least with FreeNAS), so in this release all three buttons ignore the probe result and stay enabled after the scan:

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