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xcpretty is a fast and flexible formatter for xcodebuild.
It does one thing, and it should do it well.

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$ gem install xcpretty


$ xcodebuild [flags] | xcpretty

xcpretty is designed to be piped with xcodebuild and thus keeping 100% compatibility with it. It's even a bit faster than xcodebuild itself, since it saves your terminal some prints.

Important: If you're running xcpretty on a CI like Travis or Jenkins, you may want to exit with same status code as xcodebuild. CI systems usually use status codes to determine if the build has failed.

$ set -o pipefail && xcodebuild [flags] | xcpretty
# OR
$ xcodebuild [flags] | xcpretty && exit ${PIPESTATUS[0]}

Raw xcodebuild output

You might want to use xcpretty together with tee to store the raw log in a file, and get the pretty output in the terminal. This might be useful if you want to inspect a failure in detail and aren't able to tell from the pretty output.

Here's a way of doing it:

$ xcodebuild [flags] | tee xcodebuild.log | xcpretty



  • --[no-]color: Show build icons in color. (you can add it to --simple or --test format). Defaults to auto-detecting color availability.
  • --[no-]utf: Use unicode characters in build output or only ASCII. Defaults to auto-detecting the current locale.


  • --report junit, -r junit: Creates a JUnit-style XML report at build/reports/junit.xml, compatible with Jenkins and TeamCity CI.

  • --report html, -r html: Creates a simple HTML report at build/reports/tests.html. xcpretty html

  • --report json-compilation-database, -r json-compilation-database: Creates a JSON compilation database at build/reports/compilation_db.json. This is a format to replay single compilations independently of the build system.

Writing a report to a custom path can be specified using --output PATH.


xcpretty supports custom formatters through the use of the --formatter flag, which takes a path to a file as an argument. The file must contain a Ruby subclass of XCPretty::Formatter, and return that class at the end of the file. The class can override the format_* methods to hook into output parsing events.

Known extensions

The recommended format is a gem containing the formatter and named with an xcpretty- prefix, for easier discovery.