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A small tool that registers all your installed Xcode plugins.


xcode-register is created to automate the repeated labor of adding the Xcode plugin identifier DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID into all my plugins' Info.plist files. Previously I used a shell script but that script is not reentrant. This small Objective-C program does exactly that, however it is reentrant and can be fairly robust.


Copy and paste the following shell script into a Terminal windowto install or update xcode-register:

curl -L | bash


The simplest way of using xcode-register is to let it register all existing plugins of the current user to the default installation of Xcode, by running:


If you need to register the plugins to some other versions of Xcode, for example a beta version installed at /Applications/, run this:

xcode-register --xcode /Applications/

Execute this for complete instructions of xcode-register:

xcode-register --help


xcode-register is covered in the three-clause BSD license.

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