Reference app for using F# Suave and Expecto
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This a a quick reference app for using F#, Suave and Expecto together that works in VS Code.


  • HTTP API for a "document store" API
  • Suave Self Hosted Web Server
  • Expecto Tests
    • Simple Tests
    • Integration Tests against the actual webserver
  • FAKE build script


From a command prompt with F# 4.1+ available from the default path:

Run build.cmd Test (or Test) to build and run all the tests.


Open VS Code in the root directory and press Ctrl+F5 to run the FAKE build to build just the code without the tests.

You can run the tests in VS Code by Pressing Ctrl+F6 to run the Expecto tests.

To make VS Code run the tests and build, change "Build" on this line in build.fxs to "Test":

// start build
RunTargetOrDefault "Build"


  • F# 4.1
  • VS Code
    • Ionide-FAKE
    • Ionide-fsharp
    • Ionide-Paket


If you have any problems running the code / tests or you want to contribute any changes, or if you just want to ask about anything else, feel free to open an issue.