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Instructions for deploying an xDai-like network on AWS

Stable Chain Network Deployment

{% hint style="info" %} Instructions in Process

These advanced instructions are for developers interested in deploying their own xDai-like (or other ERC20 Stable Token) Network. They are not required to run or interact with the xDai Stable Chain. {% endhint %}

The following topics will covered for an AWS deployment:

  1. Local Tooling Setup
  2. AWS Initial Setup
  3. Download & Configure Playbook
  4. Deploy Network Infrastructure
  5. Deploy & Configure Registrar & Certifier Contracts
  6. Deploy Bridge Contracts
  7. Deploy Consensus Contracts
  8. Configure Master of Ceremony and Validator nodes
  9. Configure BlockScout Explorer
  10. Launch the Bridge UI
  11. Configure Governance DApps
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