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To become a new validator, candidates and current validators must complete a series of steps.

New Validator Process Flow

A new potential xDai validator starts as a validator candidate. A candidate creates an initial profile on the forum, generates accounts, and posts these public addresses to the POA forum. Once this information is public, the current xDai validators create a ballot and vote to accept the new validator. If accepted, the newly elected validator sets up their validator and bridge validator nodes. See below for details in each stage of the process.

{% hint style="warning" %} If you experience any issues during installation, please post your questions in the forum:

Public Questions

Private Questions (for approved validators) {% endhint %}

General Process Flow

Phase 1 Validator Candidate Phase 2 Current Validators Phase 3 Newly Elected Validator
1 Post introduction in forum
2 Generate Ethereum accounts
3 Fund bridge account (optional)
4 Announce generated accounts
5 Add a validator ballot
6 Vote on a candidate ballot
7 Add new validator to bridge (if applicable)
8 Install network validator node
9 Finalize Ballot
10 Set metadata
11 Install bridge validator node (if applicable)
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