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date: 17 Jan 2014

Extensions for Google Chrome for Mobile

I love Google Chrome. Such a fast and pleasant experience when browsing the web on my laptop. But on my iPhone, Safari is still my browser of choice. But that's about to change.

So far, there hasn't been much reason to switch from the default Mobile Safari browser. It works great and it's fast (mainly thanks to the Nitro Javascript compiler which is unfairly not available to third party developers[1]).

But Google keeps on pushing the envelope and is now releasing a new version of its browser for Android and iOS which include an Amazon Silk like proxy to compress data before it gets to your phone. That way, you have less data to download which improves load time (and saves you data in your data plan).

That's cool. But you know what would be even cooler? The possibility to add functionalities through extensions. One of the first extensions I would download would be AdBlock. That would save a lot of unnecessary requests and bandwidth and it will improve my browsing experience. Another one would be Pocket to quickly add any page I want to read later without having to copy the url to the clipboard and switch apps.

Finally that would also give me a good reason to turn my selection-sharer bookmarklet into a Chrome Extension. I would use it a lot to share quotes from any page to Twitter or by email.

[1]: Nitro is using low level CPU optimization features to speed up execution of Javascript. That requires a direct access to the CPU which Apple doesn't give to third party developers for security reasons. They have to use WebViews to render HTML pages that run Javascript slower.