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date: Jan 26 2014 draft: false tags: #officehours replay history on social media

Replay history on social media

Thomas Ketchell is not a hacker. He is a half French/half English historian. He is using social media to “replay History”. What if historic persons were on Twitter or Instagram today? What would they tweet, share? I really like the idea. Such a fun and modern way to teach history.

Their current business model is to license an app to pilot classrooms that have iPads. The app provides a Storify like timeline of those social media bits and include various tests for students.

My feedback: it will be very hard to get money from them and it won’t scale very well. They should instead do an iPad app and have an in-app purchase to buy new chapters. And every month they should replay a historic event live on Twitter/Instagram/etc. for marketing purposes. But even before getting there, I would argue that their first product should be simply a poster. A nicely designed visualization of the timeline of events with tweets, instagrams, etc. I could see teachers and parents buying that for their classroom. And every time they replay a historic event, they can add a plug to buy the poster online.

They have been accepted to the EDTech incubator in Boston (they will go in a few weeks). That incubator invested $18k for 6% of the company.

Good luck! I really like what you guys are doing.

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