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date: February 2 2014 tags: #officehours

Teepiic: create photo albums together

This is the third blog post in my office hours series. This one is about Severine Bourlet. She wants to solve the problem of gathering in one place photos of an event.

Organizing photos is a real mess and when you have multiple photographers it's almost impossible. 20,000 startups or so around the world are trying to solve that problem. Someone will nail it someday but no one has yet.

I absolutely loved Everpix as a way to organize my personal photos. But sadly, they had to shut down. They shared very publicly all their decks, data and financials. It's a treasure for any entrepreneur who want to attack this space.

Back to Severine. She works out of an incubator in Paris (talk about dedication to come all the way to Brussels for a 30mn slot in my office hour). Her twist is to create a shared online album where everyone can upload their photos, then you will be able to download it in a nice album or order a printed version.

The website is terrible. It looks like a Ruby on Rails site from 10 years ago. She showed me a redesigned version made by a designer. While it certainly looks much better to the eyes, it's still not a great User Experience.

When you design your homepage, you have only one goal: convince the first time visitor to try your service. Period. So first explain the immediate benefit. Why should I waste my time on this site? Show me what it does and what do you need from me. Tell me what the input and output are and show me some real world examples if applicable. Once I'm convinced that I should spend a bit of my time to give it a try, take me by the hand and walk me through the shortest way to the end product. Don't let me customize or edit anything that are not absolutely required. Those options are for returning users, not first time users. First time users want to get as quickly as possible to the end result.

If you are in Paris and interested in the space, contact Severine.

Here is my spin on a product that I could see working for that particular problem: a Pastebin for photos.