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A landing page about a stream about making the web wonderful.
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🔲 The Diff Landing Page Node v12.5.0 NPM v6.9.1

Thanks for checking us out! The Diff is a stream about finding, experimenting, and celebrating the many ways to make the web wonderful, hosted by Tatiana Mac and Henry Desroches.

🔗 You can check out the site at, or connect with us on Twitter.

⚙ Prerequisites

  • Node v12.5.0
  • NPM v6.9.1

🎉 Getting Started

The site is a pretty simple HTML & CSS project, and uses Parcel bundler for quick and dirty asset management.

  1. 📦 Install dependencies:
npm install
  1. 🚧 Serve the app locally and watch for changes. (Parcel will throw up a dev server at localhost:1234.)
npm run start
  1. 🏗 Build the app. (This'll generate files in dist but won't start a server or anything).
npm run build

💝 Contributing

If you're interested in helping out around the house, we always appreciate friendly issues and PRs. Thanks in advance.

🗣 Colophon

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