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Minimal boilerplate for prototyping THREE.js with modular imports.
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ThreeJS & Webpack Starter Node v8.9.0

I got tired of the amount of overhead involved in getting a modular THREE.js project up-and-running. This repo is intended to solve some of those problems. I'll keep iterating -- I'd like to include the minimal amount of boilerplate required to stop repeating myself for EVERY project but also be completely unopinionated.

🎉 Getting Started

Out-of-the-box, things are pretty simple:

  1. 🛠 Install dependencies. I use ci instead of i/install to avoid versioning discrepancies but live your life.

    npm ci
  2. 🏗 Build project. This will just do all the bundling without starting a dev server.

    npm run build
  3. 👀 Build and run development server. This command will start a development server which watches for changes and auto-reloads at localhost:9000.

    npm start
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