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Version 0.4.0 (19/03/2011)
* [NEW] Pan & Zoom of graphs (Finally!)
* [NEW] Standalone server
* [NEW] Single graph selection
* [NEW] UI changes like the bootom toolbar
* [NEW] Export single graph to SVG, PDF and EPS
* [NEW] Grid view
* [NEW] Include htaccess file
* [NEW] Added perl dependancy checker
* [NEW] Counter GraphDef (Thx to Luca Spiller)
* [NEW] Fork Rate for processess GraphDef (Thx to Raman Gupta)
* [NEW] contextswitch GraphDef (Thx to Raman Gupta)
* [NEW] Basic Drive GraphDef (Thx to Dylan Egan)
* [NEW] HAProxy GraphDef (Thx to Elmer Rivera)
* [NEW] Process and uptime GraphDef (Thx to Michael Gebetsroither)
* [NEW] vmem GraphDef (Thx to Bernd Ahlers)
* [NEW] Some kind of image aching support (not really functional right now)
* [FIX] Big bug when there was no support
Version 0.3.0 (18/04/10)
* [NEW] IPhone interface
* [NEW] We are now licenced! (Thanks Florian for introducing me to this world!)
* [NEW] JSON for hosts and plugins (Another great contribution from Mr. octo)
* [NEW] Comparison ruler
* [NEW] Show local and server clock
* [NEW] Added jstore for whats going to come...
* [NEW] Support for various output formats (based on collection3)...
* [FIX] Host filtering not working
* [FIX] Finally all paths are relative!
* Lots of UI improvements
* More menu sections added
* Selectable graphs (for actions to come)
* Lots of bug fixes!
* [KNOWN ISSUE] IPhone interface is a bit buggy on some webkit versions
Version 0.2.0 (27/03/10)
* Extended options menu
* Added local time clock (server time clock in near future)
* Updated everything to jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery 1.8
* Added timespan!
Version 0.1.1 (05/18/09)
* Bug fixed
* Added host filtering
Version 0.1 (04/11/09)
* Collectd-web release !
* Menu and graphs loading using ajax
* Option to remove graph
* Graph sorting (Drag&Drop)