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The main objective of this is to develop an easy to use and customizable web interface for Collectd (Resource monitoring software). Two days of research where enough to realize that collectd didn't have a real frontend and the one bundled with the backend was really made for testing purposes, so much of the usability and strength of statistics was left aside.


You must have a path containing each host's files in a separate sub-directory, named according to the host.

For example,

In this case, your datadir will be '/etc/collectd/collectd-web/'. Create /etc/collectd/collection.conf with the content:

datadir: "/etc/collectd/collectd-web/"

Using the webserver

Give collectd-web a try! Execute the standalone web server and you are done:




Collectd-web is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later. The full licensing terms are available in the file "COPYING".

This package includes jQuery which is licensed under the GPL version 2 and the MIT license. For more information on jQuery's license, visit their homepage at: