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<p>fooBAR - Nashville's best place to get a drink. Well at least we like to think so. And more than a few people agree with us.</p>
<h2>Find Us</h2>
<a href=",-86.74324&spn=0.007654,0.011115&sll=36.195579,-86.743247&sspn=0.015308,0.02223&gl=us&z=17" title="fooBAR. on Google Maps">
<img class="map" src=",+Nashville,+TN&zoom=16&size=340x250&sensor=false&markers=color:red%7Clabel:A%7C36.196859,-86.742768" alt="fooBAR. on Google Maps" />
<h2>Check In</h2>
<a href="" title="fooBAR on Foursquare" rel="external">Get special offers and deals</a>
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<h2>fooBAR too.</h2>
<p>It's like Cheers, minus Ted Danson, plus tattoos and live rock shows.</p>
<img src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/img/home-photo.png" />
<p>fooBAR too is a 140 person capacity venue. The room has the best quality sound equipment and a full service bar.</p>
<p>We host a variety of DJs, from ska and reggae to honky tonk.</p>
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