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@@ -11,11 +11,40 @@ and IE9 running in separate virtual machines.
- * VirtualBox (
- * Curl (Ubuntu: ``apt-get install curl``)
+* VirtualBox (
+* Curl (Ubuntu: ``apt-get install curl``)
+* Patience
+* Install all IE versions (IE7, IE8 and IE9 - no support for IE6 currently)
curl -s | bash
+* Install specific IE versions (IE7 and IE9 only for example):
+ curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS="7 9" bash
+The VHD archives are massive and can take hours or tens of minutes to
+download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. You might want
+to start the install and then go catch a movie, or maybe dinner, or both.
+Clean Snapshot
+ A snapshot is automatically taken upon install, allowing rollback to the
+ pristine virtual environment configuration. Anything can go wrong in
+ Windows and rather than having to worry about maintaining a stable VM,
+ you can simply revert to the ``clean`` snapshot to reset your VM to the
+ initial state.
+ The VMs provided by Microsoft will not pass the Windows Genuine Advantage
+ and cannot be activated. Unfortunately for us, that means our VMs will
+ lock us out after 30 days of unactivated use. By reverting to the
+ ``clean`` snapshot the countdown to the activation apocalypse is reset,
+ effectively allowing your VM to work indefinitely.

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