estimate on disk space required? #1

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disk space gets eaten a lot by VMs, do you have an idea on what's required for 6, 7, 8, 9 ?

also the snapshot technique probably reduces disk space a lot. smart move!

this script seems absolutely amazing btw.. thx mucho


Rough VM size estimates:

  • IE7: 13GB
  • IE8: 8.4GB
  • IE9: 13GB

Currently, the script will leave the compressed RAR files in place, which means you're looking at something like 45 freaking GB if you don't prune them manually (in ~/.ievms/vhd/). This wasn't a big deal for me on my company workstation, but kinda sucks on my Macbook Air, so I'll be adding a cleanup option shortly. You probably don't need to keep the compressed files around anyway since we take a snapshot like you mentioned.

Thanks for the feedback!


wowy that's a lot. too much for my weak little 256gig SSD unfortunately.

can you add that to the README?

btw i gave you some HN upvotes so you're a touch closer to 0. :)


It is a lot! I'll add note to the README when I get a chance to think about how to minimize disk usage moving forward. Right now keeping those RARs is sort of a safety mechanism - if your DL fails or your extraction fails you can just rerun the same command and it'll pick up where it left off. It'll also just uncompress and reinstall the VM without downloading if you accidentally delete the VHD but still have the RARs hanging around. I'll leave this issue open until I figure all that out.

Thanks for the HN love!


Should definitely be in the README.


Patch for specifying INSTALL_PATH: #30


+1 to mention in README

xdissent commented Jun 1, 2012

So after much consideration, I think we're going to remove the exe/rar files after successful extraction. Since that happens for each IE version in succession, you should be able to use the script with much less available space. Now that download resuming is in master, preserving the rars is less important anyway. Also, the install path patch is obviously in master. Thanks for the input! I'll leave his open until the rar removal stuff is committed.


Good job and glad to see this getting implemented.


Thanks for the subtle reminder ;-)
I'll try to get this implemented this weekend.

ericf commented Jun 20, 2012

@xdissent could you make this clean-up option available so it can be invoked by people who already have the VMs installed? That way we can re-run the script specifying our install path and a --prune-only option to get rid of the exe and rar files and free up some disk space.


@ericf The files are in ~/.ievms/vhd/ so it's very easy to prune them yourself. No need to add stuff for people having run old versions of the script.

xdissent commented Feb 3, 2013

I've added more detailed disk requirements to the readme, as well as a hint for post-install cleanup. The new XP-reuse stuff also saves a crapload of space!

@xdissent xdissent closed this Feb 3, 2013
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