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Petce commented Feb 12, 2013

I'm not the most advanced at this, but I know that this is the best solution when it comes to testing on IE, I started installing it on my Ubuntu box however it appears to be in a hanging state. Its currently sitting at "Copying IE8 installer to Desktop".

Now the machine is still fully operating, and when I open the VirtualBox Manage its saying that IE8 - WinXP is running, the preview even has a screen saver showing that's updating correctly.

I'm concerned that this script is in a hanging state but I'm not sure what to do from here.


xdissent commented Feb 12, 2013

It's safe to kill ievms if it's still running. Random question: does your pc have a broken floppy drive?

Petce commented Feb 12, 2013

Its a laptop, no floppy at all. cheers for the update.

tigris commented Feb 19, 2013

FYI, I got this too. I left it overnight thinking it was still going, but in the morning I just killed it. I then had to power down the IE8 - WinXP VM manually with the VBoxManage controlvm "IE8 - WinXP" acpipowerbutton command.

Then after booting it manually, I noticed IE was only version 6, and the Install IE8.exe file located on the desktop did not work. I just searched for IE8 using the default IE6 install and installed it manually.

sheldon commented Mar 2, 2013

had a similar issue here, any idea why the script wouldn't get past installing ie7/8 on those vms?

oliver commented Apr 3, 2013

Had a similar issue (ievms.sh was hanging indefinitely at "Copying IE7 installer to Desktop" step). When running that step with --verbose option, I could see that the "VBoxManage guestcontrol cp ..." command only reached 70% and hung then. After the first try I could see that ca. 7MB of the 15MB IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe file were copied to Virtualbox; in second try, ca. 11MB were copied.

This happened with virtualbox 4.1.12-dfsg-2ubuntu0.2, which is the version available in Ubuntu Precise 12.04. After installing virtualbox-4.1 from Oracles repository (version 4.1.24-82872Ubuntuprecise), the script finished successfully. Maybe this was pure chance, or maybe the older version had a bug in the guestcontrol part.

I had this issue because the virtual machine wasn't getting enough video memory and ram. It would hiccup and take forever. Eventually after a couple days i got the virtualbox to stop and change the settings. Eventually i manually had to install IE7. It's installing now seems to work fine so far.. We'll see.


xdissent commented Jun 21, 2013

The guest control commands were previously a bit hit-or-miss. They should be more stable now and you should not experience issues copying/running the installer. Please re-open if you do though! Thank you!

xdissent closed this Jun 21, 2013

Stuck at "Copying IE8-WindowsXP .." for me.

I'm getting the issue still. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Virtualbox 4.1.12_Ubuntu r77245. Stuck at:

Copying IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe to /Documents and Settings/IEUser/Desktop/IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe

Had to go download the version from Oracle direct before it started working. Installed IE8 okay with 4.2.18 r88780 🎆

@xdissent - theres no re-open option for non-admins I guess, because I can't see one.

Having the same issue.

I had the same issue but I did what chrisjlee recommended.
If you get stuck while copying the IE executable then you can do:

  • Kill the process (the VM has been already installed)
  • Stop the VM
  • Modify the video memory and ram VM settings to something reasonable.
  • Start your VM
  • Go to the Microsoft IE site to download and install the IE version you want right from your VM.

(In case during the Windows restarts your windows sessions is started with out any "window", send a ctrl-alt-del signal and then open a new task: 'explorer' this will kick in the desktop.)
Have fun !
This should make the trick.

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