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IE10/IE11 VM is actually IE9 VM #230

fiznool opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This is what I did:

curl -s | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="10" bash

This is what I get in the terminal:

Checking for VirtualBox
Checking for Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
Pack no. 1:   Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
Building IE10 VM
Checking for existing OVA at /home/fiznool/.ievms/IE9 - Win7.ova
Downloading OVA ZIP from to (attempt 1 of 3)

Same with IE11.

I'm guessing this is either a deliberate mistake or there is some trickery here to try and reuse the IE9 VM for IE10 and IE11? If the latter, I can confirm once the OVA downloads, extracts and runs, IE9 is present in the VM, regardless of whether you chose IE9, IE10 or IE11.


screenshot from 2014-07-03 16 49 34

Screenshot here showing resulting IE9 in the IE10 VM.


@fiznool See this issue #199. That should fix this.


Oh, thanks. Sorry for spamming the issues, I should have searched first.

FWIW I think this happened because my laptop wasn't set up for Virtualization in the BIOS, so VBoxManage spazzed out too early. Setting the BIOS correctly, clearing the .ievms folder and starting again seems to have worked.

@fiznool fiznool closed this
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