MSEdge / Win10 fails to download #274

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Running this command:

$ curl -s | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="EDGE" bash

Gives me this error:

Downloading OVA ZIP from to (attempt 3 of 3)
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100   215  100   215    0     0    746      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--   746
MD5 check failed for (wanted c1011b491d49539975fb4c3eeff16dae, got c677417b127bf7a78983072654a8390d)
Failed to download to /Users/jtelford/.ievms/ (attempt 3 of 3)

Checking that URL in the browser gives:

The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:0fb87208-0001-0118-5c48-f07add000000 Time:2015-09-16T06:26:54.9299222Z

So I'm guessing the file has moved / been deleted?


Yes, it looks like it was moved. Update forthcoming.


^ I've wrote a PR, just needs testing to see if it works 👍


Killer, will push this out today.


Just testing it now


@xdissent It works except it doesn't seem to have guest additions installed


Was this fixed? I am still encountering this issue when I try to install Edge/Win 10.


issue still on.
you can reference the fork with the command:

curl -s | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="EDGE" bash

If you reference my fork it works it's just missing Guest Additions in the OS

On 24 Sep 2015, at 1:11 p.m., Paulo Henrique Martins wrote:

issue still on.
you can reference the fork with the command:
curl -s | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="EDGE" bash

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.


@Jamesking56 I'm not familiar with what Guest Additions add to a VirtualBox VM. Does Edge still run fine in the VM (for testing purposes) without the additions?


The VM will still work without the Guest Additions, but you lose a few things, among those:

  • shared clipboard between host and guest
  • shared folders between host and guest
  • mouse pointer integration (don't need to manually force a release of the mouse from the guest VM)
@mpassell mpassell referenced this issue in xdissent/iectrl Sep 30, 2015

Cannot install Edge #27


Thanks @karlhorky. I'll think about whether those limitations matter to me. Even if they do, I can probably put off my Edge testing for a bit.

jfroom commented Oct 5, 2015

fwiw, when using @paulovelho / @Jamesking56 forked curl, I get an error. Full log here.

Interpreting /Users/jfroom/.ievms/MSEdge - Win10.ova...
VBoxManage: error: 'Windows10_64' is not a valid Guest OS type
VBoxManage: error: Details: code NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057), component VirtualBox, interface IVirtualBox, callee IAppliance
VBoxManage: error: Context: "Interpret" at line 328 of file VBoxManageAppliance.cpp

@jfroom what version of Virtualbox are you using?

jfroom commented Oct 7, 2015

@Jamesking56 An old one. I just upgraded to latest 4.3.30 r101610 (and installed the guest additions during upgrade). MSEdge/Win10 vm works fine now. 👍


Any updates on this? I'm on latest Virtualbox and still no Guest additions in the OS. However, Virtualbox's site says their version 5 guest additions supports Windows 10.

gvlekke commented Oct 30, 2015

same problem here


I'm also facing this issue. Any update on this?

cdata commented Nov 5, 2015

I also hit this.


OS: El Capitan
VB Version: 5.0.8 r103449

curl -s | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="EDGE" bash

results in this output error stating an MD5 failure as stated by other members:

MD5 check failed for (wanted c1011b491d49539975fb4c3eeff16dae, got e4444fd16c6bd80ca56175ca027eb447)
Failed to download to /Users/GrayGhost/.ievms/ (attempt 3 of 3)

NOTE: My .ievms folder is completely empty before making the install.


Had the problem when with the PR mentioned above which was

curl -s | env IEVMS_VERSIONS="EDGE" bash

I donated $5 towards getting this fixed.


Yeah, still hitting a 404 at — thanks for the patches, people.


The problem seems to be that MS is no longer making Mac-specific versions of the files. (To verify, look at the links used to download the "Mac" versions; they're the same as the links for the Windows versions). To fix, replace


The MD5 definition line also needs to be changed to: md5="2a591bd4e59c8fc1ca9818c31b99666b" ;;

Note: This creates the OVA (confusingly labeled IE11 - Win10.ova) but fails to import it into VirtualBox...I had to do that manually. Once imported, however, it seems to work flawlessly and already has the Guest Additions installed.


@streamtree Can these changes be made into a pull request?

Changing the URL and the MD5 sound like easy tasks, but the manual import - can this also be fixed in code?


@karlhorky Following up @streamtree 's comment you can rename the file that got extracted from the ZIP... rename from IE11 - Win10.ova to MSEdge - Win10.ova. Then run the script again and it should complete the import/set up for you. Working great here. I'm not sure what all would be involved in a PR for this, but hopefully this helps.

@cdata cdata added a commit to cdata/ievms that referenced this issue Dec 4, 2015
@cdata cdata Fix download location and SHA
Per helpful investigative work done here: xdissent#274 (comment)

Can @cdata's fork/work be merged in? Would be great to have this "just work" … well, almost (Microsoft's new slogan?).

cdata commented Dec 17, 2015

@mysterycommand I will make a PR, although I haven't checked to see if this script is still valid in the last few days ;)

niksy commented Dec 17, 2015

I suppose file rename is also necessary?

cdata commented Dec 17, 2015

@niksy Yes, I was going to add that in, but did not get around to it. I will try to do it later today.

xthilakx commented Jan 6, 2016

Ran into the same issue today

MD5 check failed for (wanted c1011b491d49539975fb4c3eeff16dae, got a4698907893b267b2c690741e40edb30)
Check failed - redownloading OVA ZIP
Downloading OVA ZIP from to (attempt 3 of 3)
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100   215  100   215    0     0    273      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--   273
MD5 check failed for (wanted c1011b491d49539975fb4c3eeff16dae, got 7e14bb21bafb7f91f19fa473813d0aaa)
Failed to download to /Users/thilak/.ievms/ (attempt 3 of 3)

Looks like the file has been moved again. Can we reopen this issue?

barillax commented Jan 6, 2016

Running into this issue today again. Same error as @xthilakx .


Me too, can't get EDGE.

xdissent commented Jan 9, 2016

Thanks @streamtree, downloading now to make sure there's no surprises then I'll update.


I got Edge working with two steps from above:


I don't care enough about Edge right now, so I can live without it, but if you folks got it working, please send a pull request.


Thanks @airblade. I got it running this weekend but the OVA name is a quirk I wasn't expecting. I've got to decide whether to rename it or change the import, then I'll push a release. Everything else about the windows version seems to be ok.


Same error here, cannot get EDGE


@xdissent any news on this?

benross commented Feb 4, 2016

Hey @xdissent and @airblade any update with this? Us n00bs that are looking for a one-line download of edge are still waiting for this as far as I know.


Hey everyone, Sorry I've been so busy (I've just moved house). I'm going to create another PR for this to see if I can fix it.


Interestingly enough, if you download the Edge VM from and extract it manually, it gives you a virtual machine called 'IE11 - Win10'... which is wrong.


See my PR for installing Edge ^

benross commented Feb 8, 2016

Thanks like a charm!


Awesome, thanks @Jamesking56.


+1 thanks @Jamesking56

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