Is there a way to do the same on windows? #80

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I'm running Windows 7 with cygwin, and I need to test my website in different IE. I've tried IETester before, but it has a lot of bugs. I've also tried setting browser mode and document mode in IE 9, but the result is different after all. Your method seems promising and easy to use, so I wonder if I could do this on Windows, too?

I actually tried using Cygwin, but it gives me the following error:

ERROR: Sorry, CYGWIN_UT-6.1 is not supported.


I don't know anything about Cygwin except that I've failed at everything I've ever tried to do with it. That being said, what I'd try is adding a case for "CYGWIN_UT-6.1" to each case $kernel statement in the script. You'll have to tweak paths and things to get everything working, but I think it's feasible in theory. If you get it going please send a PR so I can add Cygwin support officially. Good luck!


Thanks for replying. I would love to contribute to this project, but considering I am still a noob and I have no idea how to add CYGWIN_UT-6.1 to case $kernel - I only use cygwin to do some simple commands, and I chose it because I'm running Windows and I want to learn to use Linux bash - I'll skip this and find some other solutions. Anyways, thanks for making such an awesome script and giving me solution to my problem.


Thought I'd stick this in here as the heading still fits.

I'm running Git for Windows (which I highly recommend, gets a load of *nix bash stuff in your path — Cygwin has always screwed up more than it's fixed for me) on Windows 8: mine has different support issues, apparently.

ERROR: Sorry, MINGW32_NT-6.2 is not supported.

Verbose output spits out the bash script verbatim up to just after build_and_attach_drivers — whereupon it gives this (just before error):

uname -s

Any insights much appreciated!


@barneycarroll, I actually have no idea about your issue, but my guess is that Windows 8 isn't compatible with MINGW32, yet? Or maybe you haven't installed mingw on your machine? Idk. I've moved on since my last reply..


Thanks — mingw is there, I tried binding the 64 bit version too. Just thought I'd leave this here as a nag for posterity.


It looks like MS provides Virtualbox for Windows images now as well:

I'd be interested to see if this works with mingw/cygwin. Any testers are appreciated.


Since MS provideds VBox for Windows images, shouldn't we be able to adapt ievms for Windows under cygwin/mingw? I simply don't have the know-how to do it myself, but I'm still going to try. I hope someone else puts in the work on this.


Quick look at the code, bash, urar and curl are the only packages you have to make sure are installed (along with the default stuff), and you might need to change the check_system function. As I don't use either of these two myself, I'm not sure if the script will pass that one bit.

Also, add VirtualBox directory to the path.


I'm using CYGWIN (Win7 x64) and here is how I did:

  • download
  • edit it and comment check_system and check_unar (at the end of file)
  • set your environment. mine: set IEVMS_VERSIONS=8 set INSTALL_PATH=C:\ievms\.ievms\
  • create the path for INSTALL_PATH and download and copy there unar
  • bash
  • Love the bomb


If you behind the proxy hardcode it in curl command inside the file (-x)
Don't forget to put VBox in path

@justinmk justinmk added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 23, 2013
@justinmk justinmk Support cygwin and mingw
- fixes #80 and #136
- cygwin/mingw: look for 7-zip instead of unar
- linux: fall back to 7-zip if unar is not found
@amolofos amolofos added a commit to amolofos/ievms that referenced this issue Aug 13, 2015
@amolofos amolofos Porting across commit : justinmk/ievms@97b820e
Support cygwin and mingw
- fixes #80 and #136
- cygwin/mingw: look for 7-zip instead of unar
- linux: fall back to 7-zip if unar is not found

I have a fork or the repo that worked for me, but a couple of poeple had issues, so I never created a pull request.

Replace the script url in the readme with in any commands you're running and you should be good to go.

Let me know if anyone tries it successfully and I'll submit a pull request to merge it in here.


@StormPooper I've got a coworker with a windows machine and I'll force him to try it out tomorrow =)


@xdissent Great, I'll make sure my branch is up to date.

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