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Thomas and others added some commits Nov 17, 2009
Thomas Add support for non-tabbed forms (temporary in a new herited class). 9b03d82
Thomas New example file to demonstrate PhormsExt. fffda62
Thomas Add integration with "Really Easy Field Validation" (based on prototy…
…pejs) for real-time and client-side validation (example updated).
Thomas Correct support for fieldsets and add an example. (+ minor doc fixes) d33b317
Thomas Add client-side validation in the fieldsets' example. f8337b3
Thomas Add new field types : AlphaField, AlphaNumField. 8269267
Thomas Add missing translations. b1fec8b
Thomas Fix a typo. ed2b8cb
@sodabrew sodabrew prepare_values method that handles an array value for multiple input …
@sodabrew sodabrew When validating an array input field, don't throw an error if the val…
…ue is not

an array; it may simply have received no input.
@sodabrew sodabrew Corrected variable to $this->choices, not $this->options. 6f72183
@sodabrew sodabrew The choices field needs to be public in order to be inherited properl…
…y the OptionsField subclass.
@sodabrew sodabrew Final newlines. 8ff7072
@sodabrew sodabrew Add newlines to the output and optional attributes to opening tags. eba0ef1
@sodabrew sodabrew Rearrange and label CheckboxWidget. 908666f
@sodabrew sodabrew Add OptionField for an array of RadioWidgets, just like OptionsField …
…is for CheckboxWidgets. But it'd probably be better to have a single OptionsField and choose between radio and checkbox widgets at instantiation.
Thomas Few fixes, improved HTML markup. a1e9313
Thomas - Update scriptaculous and prototype
- Little API changes (use PhormValidation::Required instead of a callback function for required fields)
- Little speed inprovements
- Better integration of live (javascript) validation.
- Add support for translations
- W3C validation passed
- Better html indentation
- Add Phorm::display() to display a complete form
- Merge of Phorm and PhormExt, please use Phorm (class name) now
- Bug fixes
@sodabrew sodabrew Line wrapping for better readability. 25c7518
@sodabrew sodabrew The MultipleChoiceField class will now use the MultiSelectWidget by d…
…efault, or optionally an OptionGroupWidget with RadioWidgets or CheckboxWidgets if specified.
@sodabrew sodabrew Allow arguments to field validation functions. 4c5a735
@sodabrew sodabrew add_error method in Field class. bc49cff
@sodabrew sodabrew form tag actions should be lowercase. Also rearrange switch to remove…
… duplicate code.
@sodabrew sodabrew Spacing to match 4-space tabs. 7830f0d
@sodabrew sodabrew Rearrange the is_valid method, add a post-validate hook, remove the c…
…lean_data method, add get_raw_value (for post-validate to get access to values that haven't made available yet -- yuck!), and move error gathering and value gathering directly into their respective functions.
Thomas Bump to v2 and commit all the changes ! eba6536
@petsagouris petsagouris added bistory's changes and resolved the conflicts e6c5e12
@petsagouris petsagouris coding style cleanup, removed docs.zip 016f503
@petsagouris petsagouris Currently broken, fixing a lot.
Removed Javascript files, its gonna happen later when an Ajax way is introduced in parallel with the proper server-side way.
Removed docs (regenerate later when everything is smooth).
Removed extra examples and classes.
Splitted classes to files.
Unified loading of classes.
Started implementing filter_var wherever possible.
Fixed a lot of PHPDoc comments.

Signed-off-by: Petsagourakis George <petsagouris@gmail.com>
@petsagouris petsagouris Still broken, Just fixing trailing whitespace and removing PHP close …
@petsagouris petsagouris Made the examples work as expected. Cleaned up the HTML too. 9adfe37
@petsagouris petsagouris All done and working. Fixing a previous bad commit. 8a2c913
@jordanlev jordanlev Added petsagouris's comments about what changes he made to the README…
… file.
@jordanlev jordanlev Improved class usability (IMHO) -- changed "Numeric" field name to "I…
…nteger", added $size param to Decimal and Integer fields, simplified built-in 'required' validation, changed default form method from GET to POST, added display_errors() function to output ALL error messages, and added a public fields() function to expose all form field objects for looping. Added a new example file, and cleaned up some code and comments.
@jordanlev jordanlev text/integer fields now set html maxlength based on param; refactored…
… built-in _required_ validation code
@jordanlev jordanlev updated README to reflect new changes 3c2f3d6
@jordanlev jordanlev HiddenField passing wrong params to parent TextField (thanks Tris) 19dd756
@lemats lemats add validate_required_field to check if checkbox is checked in case o…
…f "required" validator.
@lemats lemats add further checks in file_was_uploaded e2510a5
@jordanlev jordanlev Merge pull request #1 from lemats/patch-1
add validate_required_field: checks if checkbox is checked in case of "required" validator.
@jordanlev jordanlev Merge pull request #2 from lemats/master
add further checks in file_was_uploaded
@tf198 tf198 Fixed bug where you cant uncheck a checkbox 3a8a35b
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