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Transform your Jekyll app into Rack application

  • Can run it with rackup and shotgun, unicorn, and more.

  • Can run rack-jekyll with any modified jekyll

  • Can deploy rack-jekyll on Heroku, EC2, Slicehost, Rackspace Cloud, Dedicated server, VPS, etc..

Heroku Demo:

How to use it? is required in order to run with shotgun and rackup. Even you can deploy your jekyll app to Heroku!

Copy this and put in in your jekyll's root directory.

require "rack/jekyll"


That's it.

Heroku is a read-only filesystem:

You need to generate pages and git-add pages and git-commit before you deploy your jekyll to Heroku

1) cd to your jekyll directory

2) add (see example above)

3) build pages, type: jekyll

4) echo "rack-jekyll" > .gems

5) git init && git add .

6) git commit -m "first heroku app"

7) heroku create

8) git push heroku master

Initialization Options

:destination          - use the desintation path (default: _site)


run => "mysite")

YAML Config

It now can read the _config.yml file for destination path. Read Jekyll Configuration

404 page

You can create a new file: 404.html with YAML Front Matter. See my Heroku Demo 404


  • adaoraul (Adão Raul)
  • Nerian (Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás Díaz)
  • scottwater (Scott Watermasysk)
  • thedjinn (Emil Loer)
  • bry4n (Bryan Goines)
  • thibaudgg (Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil)
  • bemurphy (Brendon Murphy)


Contributing this is more than just welcome. Fork this and create a new branch then pull request.