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require_once 'lib/mtv_test_classes.php';
class MTVCoreTest extends MTVTest {
public function setUp() {
public function test_register_app() {
global $registered_apps;
\mtv\register_app('test_app', dirname(__DIR__) . '/test_app');
// Should have one app
$this->assertEquals(count($registered_apps), 1);
// App name should be 'test_app'
$this->assertTrue(array_key_exists('test_app', $registered_apps));
public function test_load() {
global $twig, $apps;
// Register and load test_app
\mtv\register_app('test_app', dirname(__FILE__) . '/test_app');
$apps = array('test_app');
// Make sure test_app home view function is loaded
// Make sure test_app TestModel class is loaded
// Make sure Twig was reinitialized
public function test_run() {
* NOTE: This test checks functionality of
* the http.php lib. If these tests pass,
* we can consider the http lib functionally sound.
* TODO: Unit tests for http.php functions.
// Request the home page
$result = $this->http_get('/');
$this->assertEquals($result, 200);
// Request non-existent page
$result = $this->http_get('/404');
$this->assertEquals($result, 404);
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