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commit 161082b86a87ff1e9b1f199439a5c3f69c845a6e 1 parent dd7e4da
Bruno Bornsztein authored
2  app/views/activities/_activity.html.haml
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
="left a comment:".l
= link_to truncate_words(activity.item.comment), activity.item.generate_commentable_url
- when 'Favorite'
- =" favorited".l
+ ="favorited".l
= link_to " a #{activity.item.favoritable.class.to_s.humanize.downcase}", user_favorite_path(activity.item.user, activity.item)
- when 'Clipping'
="added a clipping:".l
8 app/views/ads/edit.html.haml
@@ -16,11 +16,15 @@
= f.check_box :published
- %label="Published?".l
+ %label
+ ="Published".l
+ \?
= f.check_box :time_constrained
- %label="Time constrained?".l
+ %label
+ ="Time constrained".l
+ \?
#time_constraints{"style"=>"display:#{ @ad.time_constrained? ? 'block' : 'none'}"}
%label="Start date".l
4 app/views/ads/index.html.haml
@@ -8,7 +8,9 @@
- %th="Published?".l
+ %th
+ ="Published".l
+ \?
8 app/views/ads/new.html.haml
@@ -16,11 +16,15 @@
= f.check_box :published
- %label="Published?".l
+ %label
+ ="Published".l
+ \?
= f.check_box :time_constrained
- %label="Time constrained?".l
+ %label
+ ="Time constrained".l
+ \?
#time_constraints{"style"=>"display:#{ @ad.time_constrained? ? 'block' : 'none'}"}
%label="Start date".l
4 app/views/ads/show.html.haml
@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@
= h @ad.frequency
- %strong="Published?".l
+ %strong
+ ="Published".l
+ \?
= @ad.published?
2  app/views/base/faq.html.haml
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
- %h3="Frequently Asked Questions:".l
+ %h3="Frequently Asked Questions".l
What Is
18 app/views/categories/edit.html.haml
@@ -6,20 +6,28 @@
%h3="Editing category".l
- form_for(:category, :url => category_path(@category), :html => { :method => :put, :class => "MainForm" }) do |f|
- %label="Name:".l
+ %label
+ ="Name".l
+ \:
= f.text_field :name
- %label="Posting tips:".l
+ %label
+ ="Posting tips".l
+ \:
= f.text_area :tips, :rows => 3
- %label="New Post text:".l
+ %label
+ ="New Post text".l
+ \:
= f.text_field :new_post_text
- %label="Navigation menu text:".l
+ %label
+ ="Navigation menu text".l
+ :
= f.text_field :nav_text
- = submit_tag "Update".l
+ = submit_tag :update.l
= link_to 'Show'.l, category_path(@category)
4 app/views/categories/new.html.haml
@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
%h3 New category
- form_for(:category, :url => categories_path, :html => {:class => "MainForm"}) do |f|
- %label Name
+ %label= :name.l
= f.text_field :name
- %p= submit_tag "Create".l
+ %p= submit_tag :create.l
= link_to 'Back'.l, categories_path
4 app/views/clippings/new_clipping.html.haml
@@ -86,7 +86,9 @@
%h3 Create a post
- form_for(:post, :url => user_posts_path(current_user), :html => {:class => "MainForm"}) do |f|
- unless @post.category || @post.contest
- %label Category:
+ %label
+ ="Category".l
+ \:
%select#post_category_id{"name"=>"post[category_id]", "id"=>"post_category_id"}
- for category in Category.find(:all)
%option{:value =>, :selected => category.eql?(Category.get(:talk))}
6 app/views/clippings/show.html.haml
@@ -33,11 +33,13 @@
= h truncate(@clipping.url, 95)
- ="Description:".l
+ ="Description".l
+ \:
=h @clipping.description
- ="Tags:".l
+ ="Tags".l
+ \:
- @clipping.tags.each do |t|
%li=link_to(, tag_url(, :rel => 'tag')
2  app/views/comments/_comment_form.html.haml
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
- form_remote_for(:comment, :loading => "$$('div#comments div.errors')[0].innerHTML = ''; $('comment_spinner').show();", :before => ";", :url => comments_url(Inflector.underscore(commentable.class), ), 500 => "$$('div#comments div.errors')[0].innerHTML = request.responseText; return false;", :success => "new Insertion.#{commentable.class.to_s.eql?('User') ? 'After': 'After' }('newest_comment', request.responseText); tinyMCE.activeEditor.setContent(\'\'); scrollToNewestComment();", :complete => "$('comment_spinner').hide();", :html => {:class => "MainForm"}) do |f|
- %em="(2000 character limit)".l
+ %em="(2000 character limit)".l :comment_character_limit
= text_area :comment, :comment, {:size => "86x5", :class => "rich_text_editor"}
= submit_tag "Add Comment".l
2  app/views/comments/index.html.haml
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
= Inflector.underscore(@commentable.class).capitalize
- ="Comments -".l
+ ="Comments".l + " -"
= link_to @title, @comments.first.generate_commentable_url(false)
2  app/views/layouts/application.html.haml
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
%a{:href=>"/", :title=>"#{AppConfig.community_name} Home"}= "Home".l
- if !logged_in?
- = link_to "Log In".l , login_path
+ = link_to :log_in.l , login_path
- else
%a{:href=>"/logout", :title=>"Log out of your #{AppConfig.community_name} account"}
9 app/views/metro_areas/show.html.haml
@@ -4,15 +4,18 @@
- ="Country:".l
+ ="Country".l
+ \:
= h
- ="State:".l
+ ="State".l
+ \:
= if @metro_area.state
- ="Name:".l
+ ="Name".l
+ \:
= link_to 'Edit'.l, edit_metro_area_path(@metro_area)
13 app/views/posts/edit.html.haml
@@ -18,23 +18,26 @@
%em (required)
= f.text_field :title
- %label Category:
+ %label
+ ="Category".l
+ \:
= f.collection_select(:category_id, Category.find(:all), :id, :name, {}, {})
- ="Body Text ".l
+ ="Body Text".l
%em (required)
= f.text_area :raw_post, :size => "86x15"
- ="Tags:".l
+ ="Tags".l
+ \:
= text_field_tag 'tag_list', @post.tags.collect{|t|}.join(", "), {:autocomplete => "off", :size => 35}
= auto_complete_field 'tag_list', {:url => { :controller => "tags", :action => 'auto_complete_for_tag_name'}, :tokens => [',', ' '] }
%label="Save post as:".l
=, [['Published', 'live'], ['Draft', 'draft']])
- = submit_tag "Update"
+ = submit_tag :update.l
- =link_to "cancel", user_post_path(current_user, @post)
+ =link_to :cancel.l, user_post_path(current_user, @post)
=link_to "#{image_tag 'icons/delete.png', :plugin => :community_engine} Delete this post?", user_post_path(current_user, @post), :method => :delete, :confirm => "Are you sure you want to delete this post?"
2  app/views/posts/manage.html.haml
@@ -37,4 +37,4 @@
%td= post.tags.any? ? post.tag_list : 'No tags'.l
%td= post.comments.count
- %td= post.is_live? ? link_to('published'.l, user_post_path(post.user, post)) : 'draft'.l
+ %td= post.is_live? ? link_to(:published.l, user_post_path(post.user, post)) : 'draft'.l
5 app/views/posts/new.html.haml
@@ -14,13 +14,14 @@
- =@post.category ? (:new_post_for_category.l :category => : "New Post".l
+ =@post.category ? (:new_post_for_category.l :category => : "New post".l
= error_messages_for :post
- form_for(:post, :url => user_posts_path, :html => {:class => "MainForm"}) do |f|
- unless @post.category || @post.contest
- ="Category:".l
+ ="Category".l
+ \:
%select{:id=>"post_category_id", :name=>"post[category_id]"}
-for category in Category.find(:all)
%option{:value=>"#{}", :selected => category.eql?(Category.get(:talk)) }= h(
2  app/views/tags/show.html.haml
@@ -55,4 +55,4 @@
- @clippings.each do |clipping|
%a{"href"=>"#{h user_clipping_url(clipping.user, clipping) }"}
%img.polaroid.clipping{"src"=>"#{h clipping.image_uri}", "style"=>"width:108px"}
- %h6.all= link_to :all_clippngs_tagged.l(:tag_name =>, tag_path(:id =>, :type => 'Clipping')
+ %h6.all= link_to :all_clippings_tagged.l(:tag_name =>, tag_path(:id =>, :type => 'Clipping')
2  app/views/users/dashboard.html.haml
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
=link_to 'browse all members'.l, users_path
=link_to 'Update your profile and tag yourself'.l(:update_profile_and_tag_yourself), edit_user_path(current_user)
- ="to start getting recommended content on your dashboard.".l(:to_get_recommended_content_on_your_dashboard)
+ ="to start getting recommended content on your dashboard.".l :to_get_recommended_content_on_your_dashboard
-unless @network_activity.empty?
3  app/views/users/edit.html.haml
@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@
- ="Birthday:".l
+ ="Birthday".l
+ \:
= date_select :user, :birthday, {:start_year => 1926, :end_year => - 1}
3  app/views/users/new.html.haml
@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@
= f.text_field :email
- ="Birthday:".l
+ ="Birthday".l
+ \:
%em="(Required: you must be at least 13 years old to sign up.)".l
= date_select :user, :birthday, {:start_year => 1926, :end_year => ( - 13)}
380 lang/ui/es-AR.yml
@@ -1,112 +1,292 @@
-community_tagline: CommunityEngine es genial!
-explore_site: Explorar {site}
+#en: about: About
+about: Acerca
+#en: about_me: About Me
+about_me: "Acerca de m\xC3\xAD"
+#en: about_site: About {site}
about_site: Acerca de {site}
-get_started_banner: Comience con <a href="/">{site}</a> hoy!
-search_users: Búsqueda de usuarios
-update: Actualizar
-create: Crear
-log_in: Iniciar sesión
-log_out: Cerrar sesión
-sign_up: Registrarse
-logged_in: "Sesión:"
-log_in_to_site: Acceda a {site}
-popular_catgory: "Popular en {name}"
-dashboard_friends: "Una vez que comienza a añadir amigos, podra seguir sus actividades en {site} aquí."
+#en: about_you: About You
+about_you: Acerca de usted
+#en: account_activation_error: Account activation failed. Your account may already be active. Try logging in or e-mail {email} for help.
+account_activation_error: "Activaci\xC3\xB3n de cuenta fracaso. Tal vez ya est\xC3\xA9 activa. Trate de iniciar una sesi\xC3\xB3n o mande un e-mail a {email} para obtener ayuda."
+#en: account_settings: Account settings
+account_settings: "Configuraci\xC3\xB3n de cuenta"
+#en: actions: Actions
+actions: Acciones
+#en: activate: Activate
+activate: Activar
+#en: active: active
+active: activo
+#en: active_users: Active Users
+active_users: Usuarios activos
+#en: activity_from_your_network: Activity from your network
+activity_from_your_network: La actividad de su red
+#en: ad_was_successfully_created: Ad was successfully created.
+ad_was_successfully_created: El anuncio se ha creado correctamente.
+#en: ad_was_successfully_updated: Ad was successfully updated.
+ad_was_successfully_updated: El anuncio se ha actualizado.
+#en: add_a_photo: Add a photo
+add_a_photo: "A\xC3\xB1adir una foto"
+#en: add_a_poll: Add a poll
+add_a_poll: "A\xC3\xB1adir una encuesta"
+#en: add_comment: Add Comment
+add_comment: "A\xC3\xB1adir comentario"
+#en: add_some_friends_to_get_started: Add some friends to get started!
+add_some_friends_to_get_started: "A\xC3\xB1adir a algunos amigos para empezar!"
+#en: add_your_comment: Add Your Comment!
+add_your_comment: "A\xC3\xB1ade tu comentario!"
+#en: added_a_clipping: "added a clipping:"
+added_a_clipping: "a\xC3\xB1adi\xC3\xB3 un recorte"
+#en: added_to_a_forum_topic: "added to a forum topic:"
+added_to_a_forum_topic: "a\xC3\xB1adi\xC3\xB3 a un tema"
+#en: admin: Admin
+admin: Administrator
+#en: admin_dashboard: Admin dashboard
+admin_dashboard: Tablero de administrador
+#en: ads: Ads
+ads: Anuncios
+#en: advertise: Advertise
+advertise: Publicidad
+#en: advertise_on: Advertise on
+advertise_on: Anunciarse en
+#en: after_signing_up_youll_receive_an_e_mail_confirmation_message: After signing up, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation message.
+after_signing_up_youll_receive_an_e_mail_confirmation_message: "Despu\xC3\xA9s de registrarse, usted recibir\xC3\xA1 un e-mail mensaje de confirmaci\xC3\xB3n."
+#en: all_clippings_tagged: All clippings tagged {tag_name}
+all_clippings_tagged: Todos los clippings marcados {tag_name}
+#en: all_photos_tagged: All photos tagged {tag_name}
+all_photos_tagged: Todas las fotos marcadas {tag_name}
+#en: all_posts_tagged: All posts tagged {tag_name}
all_posts_tagged: Todos las entradas marcadas {tag_name}
+#en: all_tags: All tags
+all_tags: Todas las etiquetas
+#en: all_users_tagged: All users tagged {tag_name}
all_users_tagged: Todos los usuarios marcados {tag_name}
-all_photos_tagged: Todas las fotos marcadas {tag_name}
-all_clippings_tagged: Todos los clippings marcados {tag_name}
-photo_message: Su foto de perfil lo representa en {site}. La puede cambiar mas tarde.
+#en: already_have_an_account: Already have an account?
+already_have_an_account: Ya tienes una cuenta?
+#en: an_error_occurred: An error occurred
+an_error_occurred: Se ha producido un error
+#en: are_you_sure: Are you sure?
+are_you_sure: "\xC2\xBFEst\xC3\xA1s seguro?"
+#en: assume_id: Assume ID
+assume_id: Asumir Identidad
+#en: audience: Audience
+audience: Audiencia
+#en: author: Author
+author: Autor
+#en: back: Back
+back: Atras
+#en: birthday: "Birthday:"
+birthday: "Cumplea\xC3\xB1os:"
+#en: birthday__gender: Birthday & Gender
+birthday__gender: "Fecha de nacimiento y el g\xC3\xA9nero"
+#en: blog: Blog
+blog: Blog
+#en: blog_posts: Blog posts
+blog_posts: Entradas de blog
+#en: body_text: Body Text
+body_text: Texto
+#en: browse_all_members: browse all members
+browse_all_members: navegar por todos los miembros.
+#en: by_looking_at_the: by looking at the
+by_looking_at_the: mirando al
+#en: cancel: __localization_missing__
+cancel: Cancelar
+#en: cancel_and_go_back_to_my_posts: cancel and go back to my posts
+cancel_and_go_back_to_my_posts: cancelar y regresar a mis entradas
+#en: categories: Categories
+categories: "Categor\xC3\xADas"
+#en: category: Category
+category: "Categor\xC3\xADa"
+#en: category_was_successfully_created: Category was successfully created.
+category_was_successfully_created: "Categor\xC3\xADa se ha creado correctamente."
+#en: choose_a_photo_for_your_profile: "Choose a photo for your profile:"
+choose_a_photo_for_your_profile: "Elija una foto para su perfil:"
+#en: choose_a_photo_to_upload: "Choose a photo to upload:"
+choose_a_photo_to_upload: "Elija una foto para subir:"
+#en: choose_your_location: Choose your location
+choose_your_location: "Seleccione su ubicaci\xC3\xB3n"
+#en: click_here_to_retrieve_it: Click here to retrieve it
+click_here_to_retrieve_it: "Pulse aqu\xC3\xAD para recuperarla"
+#en: click_here_to_sign_up: Click here to sign up
+click_here_to_sign_up: "Haga clic aqu\xC3\xAD para inscribirse"
+#en: click_the_activation_link_in_the_e_mail_to_log_in: Click the activation link in the e-mail to log in.
+click_the_activation_link_in_the_e_mail_to_log_in: "Haga clic en el enlace de activaci\xC3\xB3n en el e-mail para acceder el sitio."
+#en: clipping_comments: Clipping Comments
+clipping_comments: Comentarios sobre recortes
+#en: clipping_was_successfully_created: Clipping was successfully created.
+clipping_was_successfully_created: Recorte se ha creado correctamente.
+#en: clippings: Clippings
+clippings: Recortes
+#en: close_this_message: Close this message
+close_this_message: Cerrar este mensaje
+#en: comma_separated_keywords_that_describe_you: Comma-separated keywords that describe you.
+comma_separated_keywords_that_describe_you: Palabras clave que te describen, separadas por comas.
+#en: comment_character_limit: (2000 character limit)
+comment_character_limit: "(2000 caracteres como m\xC3\xA1ximo)"
+#en: comment_could_not_be_deleted: Comment could not be deleted.
+comment_could_not_be_deleted: Comentario no pudo ser borrada.
+#en: comment_save_error: Su comentario no se ha podido guardar.
+comment_save_error: Su comentario no se ha podido guardar.
+#en: comment_was_successfully_created: Comment was successfully created.
+comment_was_successfully_created: Comentario se ha creado correctamente.
+#en: comments: Comments
+comments: Comentarios
+#en: community_tagline: CommunityEngine Rocks!
+community_tagline: CommunityEngine es genial!
+#en: contest_was_successfully_created: Contest was successfully created.
+contest_was_successfully_created: Concurso se ha creado correctamente.
+#en: create: Create
+create: Crear
+#en: create_your_account: Create Your Account
+create_your_account: "Cr\xC3\xA9e su cuenta"
+#en: dashboard_friends: Once you start adding friends, you'll be able to track their activity on {site} here
+dashboard_friends: "Una vez que comienza a a\xC3\xB1adir amigos, podra seguir sus actividades en {site} aqu\xC3\xAD."
+#en: edit: Edit
+edit: Editar
+#en: edit_account: Edit account
+edit_account: Editar cuenta
+#en: edit_profile: Edit profile
+edit_profile: Editar perfil
+#en: edit_this_event: Edit this event
+edit_this_event: Editar este evento
+#en: editing_ad: Editing ad
+editing_ad: Editando anuncio
+#en: editing_category: Editing category
+editing_category: "Editando categor\xC3\xADa"
+#en: editing_post: Editing post
+editing_post: Editando entrada
+#en: email_signup_thanks: "Gracias por registrarse! Debe recibir un e-mail de confirmaci\xC3\xB3n en breve: {email}"
+email_signup_thanks: "Gracias por registrarse! Debe recibir un e-mail de confirmaci\xC3\xB3n en breve: {email}"
+#en: explore_site: Explore {site}
+explore_site: Explorar {site}
+#en: favorited: favorited
+favorited: marcado como favorito
+#en: forums: Forums
+forums: "Conversaci\xC3\xB3n"
+#en: friends: Friends
+friends: Amigos
+#en: friendship_requested: Requested friendship with {friend}.
+friendship_requested: "Pidi\xC3\xB3 a la amistad con {friend}."
+#en: get_popular: Get popular.
+get_popular: Sea popular!
+#en: get_started_banner: Get started with <a href="/">{site}</a> today!
+get_started_banner: Comience con <a href="/">{site}</a> hoy!
+#en: home: Home
+home: Inicio
+#en: homepage_banner_download_msg: Download it now and get started
+homepage_banner_download_msg: Descargar ahora y empezar
+#en: homepage_banner_msg: CommunityEngine is the best way to go from zero to hero in no time
+homepage_banner_msg: "CommunityEngine es la mejor manera de ir de cero a h\xC3\xA9roe rapid\xC3\xADsimo"
+#en: homepage_banner_signup_prompt: See how it works
+homepage_banner_signup_prompt: "Ver c\xC3\xB3mo funciona"
+#en: invite_message: The more people you invite the better {site} becomes.
invite_message: Cuantas mas personas invite a {site}, mejor.
-write_new_post: Escriba una entrada de '{category}'
-welcome_message: Bienvenido! {login_link} o {signup_link}
-greeting_1: Hello {user}
-greeting_2: Hola {user}
-greeting_3: Hi {user}
-greeting_4: Yo {user}
-greeting_5: Welcome, {user}!
-greeting_6: Greetings {user}
-greeting_7: Wassup {user}?
-greeting_8: Aloha {user}
-greeting_9: Halloo {user}
-greeting_10: Whats up {user}?
-site_members: "Miembros de {site}"
-small_profile: "{user} no tiene mucho aquí todavía. Estén atentos."
-users_blog: "El blog de {user}"
-users_photos: "Las fotos de {user}"
+#en: left_a_comment: "left a comment:"
+left_a_comment: "dej\xC3\xB3 un comentario"
+#en: log_in: Log In
+log_in: "Iniciar sesi\xC3\xB3n"
+#en: log_in_to_site: Log in to {site}
+log_in_to_site: Acceda a {site}
+#en: log_out: Log Out
+log_out: "Cerrar sesi\xC3\xB3n"
+#en: logged_in: "Logged in:"
+logged_in: "Sesi\xC3\xB3n:"
+#en: logged_into_the_site: logged into the site
+logged_into_the_site: "inicio una sesi\xC3\xB3n"
+#en: looking_for_most_x: (looking for {link}?)
+looking_for_most_x: Buscando lo mas {link}?
+#en: manage_my: "Manage my:"
+manage_my: "Gestionar mi:"
+#en: my_profile: My Profile
+my_profile: Mi perfil
+#en: new_post_for_category: New {category}
new_post_for_category: Nueva entrada en {category}
-show_category: "{category}"
-singular_posts: "{count} entrada"
+#en: no_comments_found: "Lo sentimos, pero no se pudo encontrar ning\xC3\xBAn comentario para ese {type}"
+no_comments_found: "Lo sentimos, pero no se pudo encontrar ning\xC3\xBAn comentario para ese {type}"
+#en: people: People
+people: Gente
+#en: photo_message: Your profile photo represents you on {site}. You can change it later.
+photo_message: Su foto de perfil lo representa en {site}. La puede cambiar mas tarde.
+#en: photos: Photos
+photos: Fotos
+#en: plural_posts: "{count} posts"
plural_posts: "{count} entradas"
-homepage_banner_download_msg: Descargar ahora y empezar
-create_your_account: Crée su cuenta
-homepage_banner_msg: CommunityEngine es la mejor manera de ir de cero a héroe rapidísimo
+#en: popular: Popular
+popular: popular
+#en: popular_catgory: Popular {name}
+popular_catgory: Popular en {name}
+#en: post_created_for_category: Your '{category}' post was successfully created.
+post_created_for_category: Su entrada en '{category}' fue creada.
+#en: profile: Profile
+profile: Perfil
+#en: recent: Recent
+recent: receiente
+#en: recent_posts: Recent Posts
recent_posts: Entradas recientes
-homepage_banner_signup_prompt: Ver cómo funciona
-whats_hot: Lo más popular
+#en: sb_post_was_deleted: Post '{title}' was deleted.
+sb_post_was_deleted: La entrada '{title}' fue suprimida.
+#en: search_users: Search Users
+search_users: "B\xC3\xBAsqueda de usuarios"
+#en: show_category: "{category}"
+show_category: "{category}"
+#en: sign_up: Sign Up!
+sign_up: Registrarse
+#en: singular_posts: "{count} post"
+singular_posts: "{count} entrada"
+#en: site_members: "{site} members"
+site_members: Miembros de {site}
+#en: small_profile: "{user} doesn't have much here yet. Stay tuned."
+small_profile: "{user} no tiene mucho aqu\xC3\xAD todav\xC3\xADa. Est\xC3\xA9n atentos."
+#en: staff_writers: Featured Writers
staff_writers: Personal de Escritores
-active_users: Usuarios activos
-whats_fresh: Que hay de nuevo?
+#en: started_a_topic: "started a topic:"
+started_a_topic: "public\xC3\xB3 un tema"
+#en: stats: Stats
+stats: "estad\xC3\xADsticas"
+#en: tags: Tags
tags: Etiquetas
-home: Inicio
-about: Acerca
-no_comments_found: Lo sentimos, pero no se pudo encontrar ningún comentario para ese {type}
-comment_save_error: Su comentario no se ha podido guardar. #{errors}
-account_activation_error: Activación de cuenta fracaso. Tal vez ya esté activa. Trate de iniciar una sesión o mande un e-mail a {email} para obtener ayuda.
-email_signup_thanks: "Gracias por registrarse! Debe recibir un e-mail de confirmación en breve: {email}"
-walkthrough_complete: Ha completado el tour de {site}. Ahora puede seguir explorando!
-topic_deleted: El Tema '{topic}' fue suprimido.
-tag_does_not_exist: La etiqueta {tag} no existe.
-sb_post_was_deleted: La entrada '{title}' fue suprimida.
-post_created_for_category: Su entrada en '{category}' fue creada.
-friendship_requested: Pidió a la amistad con {friend}.
-my_profile: Mi perfil
-people: Gente
-popular: Popular
-forums: Conversación
-#dashboard navigation menu
-view_my: "Ver mi:"
-profile: Perfil
-photos: Fotos
-clippings: Recortes
-friends: Amigos
-manage_my: "Gestionar mi:"
-account_settings: Configuración de cuenta
-blog_posts: Entradas de blog
+#en: thanks_youre_now_logged_in: Thanks! You're now logged in.
+thanks_youre_now_logged_in: "Gracias! Ahora est\xC3\xA1 conectado."
+#en: this_is_your_dashboard: This is your dashboard.
this_is_your_dashboard: Este es su tablero de instrumentos.
+#en: to_get_recommended_content_on_your_dashboard: to start getting recommended content on your dashboard.
+to_get_recommended_content_on_your_dashboard: para empezar a recibir contenidos recomendados en su tablero de instrumentos.
+#en: to_start_adding_friends: To start adding friends, you can
to_start_adding_friends: Para agregar amigos,
-browse_all_members: navegar por todos los miembros.
-update_profile_and_tag_yourself: Actualice su perfil
-to_get_recommended_content_on_your_dashboard: para recibir contenidos recomendados en su tablero de instrumentos.
-#activity messages
+#en: top_writers: Top Writers
+top_writers: "m\xC3\xA1s activos escritores"
+#en: topic_deleted: Topic '{topic}' was deleted.
+topic_deleted: El Tema '{topic}' fue suprimido.
+#en: update: Update
+update: Actualizar
+#en: update_profile_and_tag_yourself: Update your profile and tag yourself
+update_profile_and_tag_yourself: Actualice su perfil y su etiqueta
+#en: update_your_profile: update your profile
+update_your_profile: actualice su perfil
+#en: updated_their_profile: updated their profile
+updated_their_profile: "puso al d\xC3\xADa su perfil"
+#en: uploaded_a_photo: "uploaded a photo:"
+uploaded_a_photo: "public\xC3\xB3 una foto"
+#en: users_blog: "{user}'s Blog"
+users_blog: El blog de {user}
+#en: users_photos: "{user}'s Photos"
+users_photos: Las fotos de {user}
+#en: view_my: "View my:"
+view_my: "Ver mi:"
+#en: walkthrough_complete: You've completed the {site} walk-through. Now you can continue exploring!
+walkthrough_complete: Ha completado el tour de {site}. Ahora puede seguir explorando!
+#en: welcome_message: Welcome! {login_link} or {signup_link}
+welcome_message: Bienvenido! {login_link} o {signup_link}
+#en: what_is_popular: What's Popular
+what_is_popular: "Lo m\xC3\xA1s popular"
+#en: whats_fresh: What's fresh
+whats_fresh: Que hay de nuevo?
+#en: whats_hot: What's Hot
+whats_hot: "Lo m\xC3\xA1s popular"
+#en: write_a_blog_post: Write a blog post!
+write_a_blog_post: Escriba una entrada!
+#en: write_new_post: Write a '{category}' post
+write_new_post: Escriba una entrada de '{category}'
+#en: wrote_a_post: "wrote a post:"
wrote_a_post: escribio una entrada
-uploaded_a_photo: publicó una foto
-started_a_topic: publicó un tema
-added_to_a_forum_topic: añadió a un tema
-left_a_comment: dejó un comentario
-favorited: marcó como favorito
-added_a_clipping: añadió un recorte
-updated_their_profile: puso al día su perfil
-logged_into_the_site: inicio una sesión
-recent: receiente
-popular: popular
-top_writers: más activos escritores
-#popular posts
-what_is_popular: Lo más popular
-looking_for_most_x: Buscando lo mas {link}?
-get_popular: Sea popular!
-write_a_blog_post: Escriba una entrada!
+#en: youre_editing_your_profile: You're editing your profile.
+youre_editing_your_profile: "Est\xC3\xA1 editando su perfil."
6 lang/ui/es.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+#en: about_site: ""
+about_site: Acerca de {site}
+#en: account_activation_error: ""
+account_activation_error: Error de activacion de cuenta
+#en: all_clippings_tagged: ""
+all_clippings_tagged: Todos los recortes can la etiqueta
2  lib/globalite_extensions.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ def localize(*args)
if args.first.is_a? Symbol
sym = args.shift
- sym =' ', '_').gsub(/[^a-z1-9_]+/i, '').to_sym
+ sym =' ', '_').gsub(/[^a-z0-9_]+/i, '').to_sym
if Globalite.show_localization_keys_for_debugging
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