Weather monitoring using Zabbix and Weather Underground API. Backend with Python scripts and PostgreSQL database.
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Weather monitoring with Zabbix, Weather Underground API, Python and PostgreSQL

Simple Python script for getting weather conditions for some certain city. (Example: Bratislava) and writing them to PostgreSQL database. Then we need to have a Zabbix server somewhere around, so we can watch some pretty graphs regarding temperature, pressure, dew point and so on..

This is just a first random draft, so do not expect much.


Disclaimer: All the steps,configs,scripts and templates are dealing with example weather for city "Bratislava" (Slovak Republic.) Change it accordingly.

  • Create PostgreSQL user and database weather + grant him all the privileges over it.
  • Create PostgreSQL table conditions_your-city by executing query in create_table_conditions.sql
  • Append lines from zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf to zabbx_agentd.conf on your system.
  • Create directory: /etc/zabbix/scripts/weather
  • Add scripts from zabbix/scripts/* to your newly created dir from previous step.
  • Import Weather template zabbix/templatet-weather.xml into your ZABBIX server.
  • Add cronjob zabbix/crontab.list into your cron daemon.
  • Restart your ZABBIX agent daemon.


  • Every 30 minutes the conditions Python script will request JSON file with current weather data from Weather Underground. (
  • ZABBIX server will be periodically asking for these values: temperature, dew point, humidity, atmospheric pressure, visibility and wind speed.
  • You can view graphs.


  • Add weather forecast.
  • Add triggers for temperature and it's actions - e.g. sending mail.
  • Write blogpost with some closer looks.