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Tcl/Tk 8.0 interface to MySQL

This is a rewrite of a patched version of Hakan Soderlund's
msqltcl-1.50. I removed all support for older versions of Tcl. If you
are going to use older versions of Tcl, the patch (for msqltcl) found
at will do the job for you.

The interface can be used as tcl package that is dynamically linked
shared library.

For copyright and licensing information, look in the README-msqltcl
file. The same condition holds, but don't forget to mention me ;)

The system has been compiled on
- SunOS 5.5.1 sparc
- SunOS 5.6 sparc
- Linux 2.0.32 i586

The settings for these systems are all in the Makefile. Take a look at
the paths at the beginning, and adjust them for your system. The code
is written in "close-to-ansi-c", so it should be straight forward to
compile the static version. It could however be troublesome to compile
the dynamic library, because of the anti-standard of shared
libraries... :( Some experiments with the flags and paths might just
do the trick!

Set the SHARED variable to compile the shared library. The PLATFORM
variable should be set to something similar to 
`uname -prs | sed 's/ /-/g'` for your system. If there are no preset
configuration for your system, it is time to do some testing ;)

Please report any successful compilations under new configurations
to me, so that I can rewrite the makefile.

New features
The package is already full of nice features. I added the possibility
to set user and password at connection time and support for all(?)
MySQL types in mysqlcol. However, I would recommend using the "SHOW
COLUMNS..." command for new code.  The port can (as always) be set
using an environment variable (see MySQL documentation.)

Use and abuse this software as much as you want as long as you follow
the license agreement in the README-msqltcl file.

Tobias Ritzau


Version 2.0 supports all Tcl8.0 features, uni-code strings and is
faster than old versions.
Compilation and Installation is made by using 
./configure scripts based on TEA
It was internal redesigned to support unlimited connection number and
is multi thread safe

New mysqltcl Homepage

Mail to both:
Tobias Ritzau configure script support
Artur Trzewik <> code support


Mysqltcl allows to connect Mysql-Database from Tcl scripting language.







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