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Releases: xdobry/tclsqueak


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  • many bug fixes in tcl parser and gui usage
  • application wizard for simple gui component (see menu new->gui window wizard)
  • easy export component to stand-alone runable executable (see menu component->export->Deploy as executable

The binary zip contents also 64-bit linux binary component (next to 32-bit).
The script will start 64-bit version of tclsqueak.
Run to start 32-bit version.

First public release of tclsqueak

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It is the first public release of TclSqueak
It means deeply refactored XOTclIDE

Highlights to last XOTclIDE Release 0.86

  • support of TclOO
  • based on Tcl8.6 and XOTcl2.0
  • new internal design for support of multiple object oriented extension
  • syntax checker updated
  • gui redesigned to be more Eclipse like
  • note tab edit area and panels in component browser
  • using of ttk
  • naming and structure of menu items updated
  • better search and search results directly in component browser panel
  • modernizing of GUI

There is also new binary release for both linux and windows (x86) as
portable application zip

The binary release based on updated tclkit has already sqlite repository and starts in ready to use
versioning system