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Utilities and example programs for use with XDP
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tohojo xdp-filter: Use capital-S for --skb-mode short option
For consistency with xdp-load where we want -s for --section shortopt.

Signed-off-by: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <>
Latest commit 0279cdc Dec 10, 2019

xdp-tools - Utilities and example programs for use with XDP

This repository contains a collection of utilities and example code to be used with the eXpress Data Path facility of the Linux kernel.

For a general introduction to XDP, please see the XDP tutorial. Some of the example code in this repository is derived from the tutorial, but packaged to be easier to re-use.

The repository contains the following:

  • xdp-filter/ - a simple packet filtering utility powered by XDP
  • headers/xdp/ - reusable eBPF code snippets for XDP (installed in /usr/include/xdp by make install).
  • lib/util/ - common code shared between the different utilities
  • packaging/ - files used for distro packaging
  • lib/libbpf/ - a git submodule with libbpf, used if the system version is not recent enough

To compile, first run ./configure, then simply type make. Make sure you either have a sufficiently recent libbpf installed on your system, or that you pulled down the libbpf git submodule (git submodule init && git submodule update).

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