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# To build from a release that already has a configure file:


# Documentation

Documentation is available on-line at the project home page,

To generate and view a local copy of the documentation, run:

    xdg-open doc/html/index.html

Finally, if you have neither an Internet connection nor doxygen, a
copy of the documentation can also be found in the `gh-pages` branch
of the repository, which you can access as:

    git archive --prefix=www/ origin/gh-pages | bsdtar xf -
    xdg-open www/index.html

# Building

To build after a git checkout that doesn't have ./configure, run:


As is traditional, the software can be installed with

    make install

# To enable the cereal test

You need cereal in the top directory (before running `./configure`),
which you can get by running:

    git clone https://github.com/USCiLab/cereal.git

(Or make cereal a symlink to an already checked out copy.)

# To enable autocheck tests

You need autocheck in the top directory.  Run:

    git clone https://github.com/thejohnfreeman/autocheck.git

(Or make autocheck a symlink to an already checked out copy.)