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Vagrant Gitlab Runner for Android projects

中文:(Android 工程的 Vagrant Gitlab Runner)

This vagrant box has included Android sdk and Android ndk inside, gitlab runner will be registered after the first run of script.


  1. Install Vagrant and VirtualBox, for Windows users, please upgrade PowerShell to 5.1.

  2. Checkout this repo and copy .env.example file to .env, then modify environment variables:


Set PROXY_HOST and PROXY_PORT to empty if you are not using proxy.

  1. Run the following commands to get start:
vagrant up --provision

Shutdown the vm

Run the following command to shutdown gitlab runner virtual machine

vagrant halt

You can always boot the vm using vagrant up --provision.


Run the following commands to destroy gitlab runner virtual machine

vagrant destroy

And then remove the dead runner from gitlab.


Virtual machine's hostname is set automatically based on host's name, it's set in Vagrantfile by the following line:

config.vm.hostname = "#{`hostname`[0..-2]}-runner"

For example, if your host machine's name is Peter-Desktop, the client virtual machine's name will be Peter-Desktop-runner. And the gitlab runner's name will be the same as the hostname of vm, This is very useful if multiple vagrant runners are running for same gitlab instance.

Slow speed

You can download the vm box file directly with your favorite Download Manager from the following link:

And then add box file to your vagrant box list by the following command:

vagrant box add xdtianyu/gitlab-runner

You can also host the box file at your LAN server, and then edit Vagrantfile and modify the following line:

# config.vm.box_url = ["https://YOUR_LAN_HOSTING/"]

For example, if you host this box file at, then update the config to:

config.vm.box_url = [""]

Then distribute this repo with .env to your colleagues for quick setup, they can start the runner vm by running vagrant up --provision command.

Login to vm runner

Use the following command to login vm runner:

vagrant ssh

The default user is vagrant and the password for vagrant and root user is vagrant. You can run command with sudo without password.

Start automatically after Windows restart

You can run bash in git-bash to add a batch file gitlab-runner.bat in your startup directory.

Or you can manually create gitlab-runner.bat file with the following content and save it in %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Please note that modify D:/code/vagrant/gitlab-runner to your own path.

@echo off
echo Starting GitLab Runner ...
cd /D D:/code/vagrant/gitlab-runner
vagrant up --provision

.gitlab-ci.yml example

Check out project xdtianyu/CallerInfo 's .gitlab-ci.yml for more details. You can also config ndk build, unit test, android ui test with this vm runner.




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