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A browser module for attempting to get access to a MediaStream of a user's screen. With a nice node-like API.
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What is this?

A tiny browser module that gives us a simple API for getting access to a user's screen. It uses's API.

It gives us a cleaner node.js-style, error-first API and cross-browser handling. No browser support checking necessary, lack of support is treated in the same way as when the user rejects the request: the callback gets passed an error as the first argument.

Suitable for use with browserify/CommonJS on the client.

If you're not using browserify or you want AMD support use getscreenmedia.bundle.js. Note that if no module system is detected it will attach a function called getScreenMedia to window.


npm install getscreenmedia

How to use it

With this helper it's clean/simple to get access to a user's camera, mic, etc.

var getScreenMedia = require('getscreenmedia');

getScreenMedia(function (err, stream) {
    // if the browser doesn't support user media
    // or the user says "no" the error gets passed
    // as the first argument.
    if (err) {
    } else {
       console.log('got a stream', stream);  


It's ugly and annoying to check for support without this tool. Node-style (error-first) APIs that are cross-browser, installable with npm and runnable on the client === win!

Error handling

Error handling (denied requests, etc) are handled mostly by the underlying getUserMedia lib. However this adds one more error type:


Because that's a current requirement of Chrome.

See the handling errors section of the getUserMedia lib for details about how errors are handled.


MIT The Firefox sample extension is licensed under MPL 2.0

Created By

If you like this, follow: @HenrikJoreteg on twitter.

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