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La Cura Summer School

La Cura Summer School

In 2012 La Cura became a global performance that engaged millions of people all over the World. In 2016 La Cura launched its first international summer school in collaboration with La Triennale di Milano. The event took place in Florence (Design Institute ISIA Florence) from 22nd to 26th August and the outputs were shown at XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition from 3rd to 4th September, during the Condividi la Conoscenza event. Five days to explore the ubiquitous body in the hyper-connection era in which teachers, tutors and participants wondered about the topic and possibility: interconnect the planet in the era of ubiquitous technologies and hyper-connection ; to design a technological augmented sensoriality that makes us sensible to new web interactions.

The application was open to students, professionals and those passionate of arts, technologies, design, scientific disciplines, anthropology, sociology, data science, DIY electronic, philosophy, ecology.

Starting from Cybernetics, Ecology, from the Theory of Systems and Complexity, we will work with Big Data, social networks, wearable technologies, info-aesthetics and their philosophical and theoretical involvement, the Summer School develops along a trans-disciplanary path, in order to create a sensitive installation for the planetary conversations about modalities of “living the planet”, designing and building an augmented technological and interconnective sense, which will be a wearable technology: a real “technological prosthesis” that transmits our daily connection experience to our body.

This folder contains all the materials that constitute the Commons of La Cura Summer School. Inside you'll find:

  • some introduction materials to face the topics addressed;
  • all the outputs generated, both during and after the Summer School;
  • the press materials.