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The process folder contains all the executive materials that came out from La Cura Summer School. These are all the outputs as they emerged for the first exhibition in XXI Design Triennale in Milan.


This folder describe the physical installation project. The installation is shaped as a big brain that receives all the emotions coming from social media listening on a specific topic 'inhabiting the planet'. Inside the folder you'll find all the preparatory sketches as the final project with instruction for both physical and code parts.

Wearable BAOTAZ

The wearable BAOTAZ schemes, sketches and codes are all unite here. You'll easily find the sketches that drive it with the instruction of their development.

Data Visualization

Data Viz group explored new ways to visualize data aggregating them to be meaningful both for people, online and offline. The viz had to dialogue to the city engaging with the people that passed next to the exhibition’s pavillion.

Social Media Listening

The folder contains the material produced around the listening operation task held by Social Media Listening work-team. You'll find the operative Human Ecosystem Manual (to fast learn how to deal with it), the Position Paper of the whole process and the research keys and methods used to listen to the datas that drive the BAOTAZ installation.


The identity group focused on the purpose of understanding how the identity of a process can be designed. The result, BAOTAZ, is a Metabrand that embrace the whole project as a unicum. This folder includes all the materials generated for the branding of the process started in LCSS.

  • open source logo
  • meta-brand book
  • how-to participate in the process

Open Source Restaurant

A temporary restaurant/bar was designed and installed during the event to create a physical point of dialogue, to talk, share ideas and socialize in the most informal moment: eating together. A cookbook was created, containing all the recipes experienced during the event and with the poems that chef-researcher Giorgio Cipolletta daily wrote inspired by colours, flavours and shapes of the ingredients. Together with the poems, Giorgio selected a series of literary, artistic and scientific references (such as books, artworks, installations, movies, academic papers) associated to each recipes. A transdiciplinary and sincretic experiment mixing food, culture, poetry, bodies in perfect synch with La Cura.