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Flowdle is a task-tracking application originally built with Python on Google's App Engine in 2008. It has laid dormant for a surperior technology to rise up & take its place.

But all the while, it has been running seamlessly on GAE, see:

I've tried Wunderlist and other means to track basic "TODO" style tasks; however, I continued to use Flowdle day-after-day. Perhaps it is narcissism, but I enjoyed the app. Therefore, this commit is the start of an ongoing attempt for me to rebuild it using Go and Revel.


I've decied to stop working Flowdle as has become my de facto task tracking app. I love it. It's wonderful & everything I wanted Flowdle to be. I'll keep the repository around but this project is archived for all intents and purposes.

Python version

Currently on the Python version is live

Go version?

In March 2014, I started re-writing Flowdle in Go. I got busy & stopped but will be keeping the repo here.