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Flowdle is a task-tracking application originally built with Python on Google's App Engine in 2008. It has laid dormant for a surperior technology to rise up & take its place.

But all the while, it has been running seamlessly on GAE, see: http://www.flowdle.com

I've tried Wunderlist and other means to track basic "TODO" style tasks; however, I continued to use Flowdle day-after-day. Perhaps it is narcissism, but I enjoyed the app. Therefore, this commit is the start of an ongoing attempt for me to rebuild it using Go and Revel.


I've decied to stop working Flowdle as http://todoist.com has become my de facto task tracking app. I love it. It's wonderful & everything I wanted Flowdle to be. I'll keep the repository around but this project is archived for all intents and purposes.

Python version

Currently on http://www.flowdle.com the Python version is live

Go version?

In March 2014, I started re-writing Flowdle in Go. I got busy & stopped but will be keeping the repo here.