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Code Elevator

This project is a live coding contest. More info here.


The goal of the game is to implement an elevator engine. Participants have to subscribe with a login, an email (in order to display a linked gravatar) and a server url. Then HTTP GET requests will be send to this server :

events (just respond HTTP 200 return code)

  • /call?atFloor=[0-5]&to=[UP|DOWN]
  • /go?floorToGo=[0-5]
  • /userHasEntered
  • /userHasExited
  • /reset?cause=information+message


  • /nextCommand : body of the request must contains NOTHING, UP, DOWN, OPEN or CLOSE

Running the server locally


Here is what you need to build and run a code elevator session :

  • JDK 1.8
  • maven 3.x


Simple start with Docker

$ git clone
$ cd code-elevator
$ ./
$ ./

Building yourself with maven

$ git clone
$ cd code-elevator
$ mvn clean install
$ mvn --file elevator-server/pom.xml jetty:run [-DADMIN_PASSWORD=secret]

Note : if you need to change the port because your port 8080 is already used, you can start it instead with :

$ mvn --file elevator-server/pom.xml jetty:run -Djetty.port=8086 [-DADMIN_PASSWORD=secret] 

Go to http://localhost:8080, subscribe to a session and start implementing your elevator server.

If you run a public session you may modify admin password by starting server with system property ADMIN_PASSWORD. You can also control max number of users per building which is three at first or kick out some subscribers when going to http://localhost:8080/#/administration.

Export / Import users

When you redeploy the application, all users are lost in the operation. You can then save all users and re-import after redeployment.

Csv is user email, user login, server url and score:

"","Duplicate Foo","",0

Upload result is a json file where the key is the user email and the value is the import result. Import is successful when the password is defined:

  "":["password","a game with player has already been added"],


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