The Devoxx Mobile project is a web mobile frontend based on the Devoxx REST API
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Devoxx Mobile

The Devoxx Mobile project is a web mobile frontend based on the Devoxx REST API ( The project was originally developed for the Devoxx France 2012 conference.

The application is available on the web at the following address: It is also available for Android on the Play Store:, and Google Chrome store:

You can find screenshots of the application on the Play Store and Google Chrome Store.

This application is an attempt to build a mobile application with some great HTML5 features and amazing Javascript libraries. The PhoneGap project is used to provide the Android and iOS version. You can use PhoneGap Build service to get the application running on multiple platforms.

The application provide the following features:

  • Data synchronization
  • Offline mode
  • Integration with PhoneGap Build
  • Use of jQueryMobile and jQueryMobile Router
  • Integrates some great HTML5 & CSS3 features like Cache Manifest, local storage, validation API, Web fonts and more
  • Integrates some great javascript libraries in an AMD fashion with Require.js
  • Integrates with some cool and famous javascript librairies like backbone.js, underscore.js, lawnchair and more
  • Integrates third parties like Twitter timeline and Google analytics
  • Provides a build script to optimize javascript files thanks to R.js from Require.js project
  • Provides a deploy script to be able to deploy and host the application thanks to GitHub pages
  • Provide an integration with Google Chrome Store



Some Kudos have to go to Addy Osmani ( ) and its great sample application available on GitHub : , which integrates jQueryMobile, Backbone.js and Require.js. It was a great kickstart even if I started this application from scratch !

Other Kudos go to Xebia France dudes which helped me a lot throught XKE sessions (Xebia Knowledge Sessions) and device testing.


Author: Alexis Kinsella ( akinsella at my company domain name ) - The company I work for: Xebia ( ) Twitter: @alexiskinsella -!/alexiskinsella LinkedIn: alexiskinsella -

If you have questions or remarks, feels free to contact me.


This software is licensed under MIT license (


Code and Artwork was crafted with passion. If you like it just share it on your favorite social network ;) Share, Fork, Code and Enjoy !