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1.0 - 01/05/2016
This is the first 1.0 release of Selma coming with bug fixes and many new features.
Like custom field to field mapping, Maps inheritance, Bean Aggregation and CDI support.
* #106: Add support for custom mapping method on per field basis
* #108: Add support for abstract custom mappers
* #100: Add support for aggregated bean mapping
* #102: Fix default lower bound type resolution for generic types
* #109: Fix custom mapper call with out parameter
* #110: Properly match the fieldname when it ends with the name of the class thanks to Fanilo Randria
* #111: Add support for inner mapper interface
* #115: Add support for CDI injection thanks to Semiao Marco
* #118: Filter enum private members to avoid
* #119: Add support for mapping interfaces instead of beans
* #120: Add support for abstract getters and setters in mapped beans thanks to @facboy
* #126: Fix declared bean array mapping
* #127: Fix any type to String default mapping
* #133: Fix mapping embedded array of prime
* #137: Improve CDI support with CDI and CDI_SINGLETON thanks to @Musikolo
* #138: Add @InheritMaps to avoid @Maps duplication
0.15 - 7/29/2016
This release fixes bugs in generic handling and factory methods. It also implement a new cyclic mapping support using an
instance cache.
* #2: Support for cyclic mapping with new @Mapper(withCyclicMapping = true) Thanks to Julien Audo
* #101: Fix generic types resolving in source and destination bean
* #81: Make a whole package immutable with new @Mapper(withImmutablesPackages = {"org.project.immutables"}) Thanks to Julien Audo
* #90: Automatic conversion of primitives types to String
* #80: Add factory support for beans without public constructor Thanks to @facboy
* #97: Add support for mapping raw types and improve error handling Thanks to @facboy
* #95: Add support for Builder-style setters Thanks to @facboy
* #92: Fix using interceptor inside abstract mapper class Thanks to @vakoroteev
* #104: Remove compiler warnings in custom mapper validation
* #89: Ignore static methods in mapped beans
* #101: Fix generic types mapping support
0.14 - 3/17/2016
This release fixes bugs regarding generic types and adds support for factory methods.
* #63: Support for generic type in mappers
* #39: Add Factory method and class support
* #78: Add WithIoCServiceName to name Spring service using annotation, Thanks to Benoit Charret
* #75: Fix generic inherited type handling in collections and map, Thanks to Julien Audo
* #70: Handle custom mappers in a .class package, Thanks to Antoine Leveugle
* #57: Improve error messages for failing custom field to field mapping
0.13 - 11/19/2015
This release fixes bugs in the mapping of embedded properties and adds support abstract class mapper.
Abstract mappers can declare custom mappings methods.
* #53: Support for Abstract class mappers to allow custom mapping method to call mapper methods with 'this'
* #54: Map collections from getter method to support Jaxb beans
* #65: Fix properties matching to force exact name match instead of startsWith match
* #66: Fix temporary variables names on embedded field mapping
* #67: Fix custom mapper registry to match properly both update and immutable methods
* #68: Fix bad AnnotationMirror cast not valid in eclipse compiler
0.12 - 4/23/2015
This release adds support for collection mapping strategy
* #55: Use getter to populate collection when available
0.11 - 4/10/2015
This release adds Spring support by annotation. You can now use a Mapper as the custom mapper of another one.
* #52: Custom mapper are now called even for null values
* #51: Fix type mapping to identify correctly destination bean type
* #50: Mapper interface can now be used as a custom mapper for mapper composition
* #49: Fix Sourced bean handling to be used only when needed
* #48: Add support for Spring ioc withIoc=SPRING
0.10 -
This release deprecates @IgnoreFields and @Fields. The new @Maps annotation should now be used instead.
It supports all the parameters available in @Mapper at the method scope.
* #35: Deploy snapshots to sonatype snapshot repository
* #36: Deprecate @IgnoreFields and @Fields in favor of a new annotation
* #37: Add support for update graph in custom mappers
* #38: Add support for scoped custom mappers
* #40: Add compilation error when default enum value does not exist
* #41: Compilation error when fields have no getter
* #42: Support scoped mapping interceptor
* #43: Remove deprecated @IgnoreFields from warning messages
* #44: Add support for qualified class name in custom fields mapping
* #45: Add support for custom embedded field to root level field
* #46: Add support for ignore missing fields in source bean, destination bean or both
* #47: Fix missing custom mapper in type mapping registry
0.9 - 11/4/2014
* Upgrade JavaWriter to 2.5.0
* #27: Add support for new java.time date style LocalDate in MappingBuilder
* #27: Fix not supported mapping error so it can be raised properly when Selma can not generate working code for mapping
* #31: Improve error message for missing field. Selma now gives a complete @IgnoreFields sample with bean and field name
* #29: Add update graph style API handling
* #33: Add custom Immutables type handling to specify custom immutable types
0.8 - 10/5/2014
* #13: Add compiler warning for unused EnumMapper
* #14: Add compiler warning for unused CustomMapper and Interceptor
* #25: Add mappers cache bypass and check for cached instance class validity
* #25: Verify validity of the built mapper instances against current class loader for use with Play dev mode
0.7 - 7/3/2014
* #22: Same enum mapping is now processed as an immutable class
* #23: Ignore field now support fully qualified name
* #11: Report unused IgnoredFields using a compiler warning at class level and method level
* #12: Report unused custom fields mapping with a compiler warning at class level and method level
0.6 - 6/17/2014
* #19: remove not needed null checks
* #20: Add support for BigDecimal
* #18: New Builder style Mapper configuration
* #21: Use collection size constructor only when available
0.5 - 5/16/2014
* Custom Mapper can now be constructed by user and injected to the mapper
* Do not clone immutable objects
* Refactor @Mapper to use with prefix and remove fields
* Use @Fields on top of a mapper class to be consistent with method scope
* Rename withMapper to withCustom wich is way more expressive
* TypeElement comparison moved to Types.isSameType(...)
0.4 - 4/1/2014
* @Field now supported on a per method basis
* Improve per method configuration segregation
* Add support for Jdk6
* Add support for Jdk8
0.3 - 3/28/2014
* Mapping interceptor support in custom mapper for post-processing #8
* Customize mapping using field name with @Field #7
0.2 - 2/18/2014:
* Full support n-dimensions array
* Full support for mapping of nested collection values and map key or value
* Custom enumeration mapper
0.1 - First maven release
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