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Final 1.0 release

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@slemesle slemesle released this 30 Apr 22:48
· 30 commits to master since this release

This is the first 1.0 release of Selma coming with bug fixes and many new features.
Like custom mappers for field to field mapping, Maps inheritance, Bean Aggregation and CDI support.

  • #106: Add support for custom mapping method on per field basis
  • #108: Add support for abstract custom mappers
  • #100: Add support for aggregated bean mapping
  • #102: Fix default lower bound type resolution for generic types
  • #109: Fix custom mapper call with out parameter
  • #110: Properly match the fieldname when it ends with the name of the class thanks to Fanilo Randria
  • #111: Add support for inner mapper interface
  • #115: Add support for CDI injection thanks to Semiao Marco
  • #118: Filter enum private members to avoid
  • #119: Add support for mapping interfaces instead of beans
  • #120: Add support for abstract getters and setters in mapped beans thanks to @facboy
  • #126: Fix declared bean array mapping
  • #127: Fix any type to String default mapping
  • #133: Fix mapping embedded array of prime
  • #137: Improve CDI support with CDI and CDI_SINGLETON thanks to @Musikolo
  • #138: Add @InheritMaps to avoid @maps duplication

We now have a final 1.0 release enjoy it and give us feedback :).