Xebium provides Selenium (webdriver) bindings for FitNesse, with Selenium-IDE support
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Xebium Build Status

Xebium combines the powers of FitNesse and Selenium. Visit the xebium home page for more details and examples.


  • Full Selenium-IDE - FitNesse roundtrip with your web tests
  • Create data-driven tests.
  • Tests are executed using the modern WebDriver interfaces and Selenium Server.
  • Tests are run from FitNesse using the SLIM engine.

Getting Started

Execute the following command:

$ mvn -Pfitnesse test

and open a browser, pointing at http://localhost:8000.

Click the Xebium link in order to get to the Xebium section and read on in the Getting Started page.

Have fun!

PS. For those of you who import Xebium as an Eclipse project, run mvn eclipse:eclipse to get your classpath setup right.